More than 6 million Britons have careers in the public sector. It’s an organization run by the government that gets funds from every day tax-payers. Public sectors include schools, local or national councils, the National Health Service (NHS) hospitals or clinics, emergency services, and more. Because of its broad range, it can also provide individuals with a wide variety of jobs.

If you’re having a hard time finding a decent job, you can always start looking for public sector recruitment agencies to help you get a jump start on your career. From administrators, psychologists, political researchers, scientists, engineers, and statisticians, everyone has an opportunity.

To make it easier for you to see where you can fit in the best, here’s a breakdown of the many types of workplaces included and job opportunities you can get in the public sector.

Regional Government

There are nine regional government offices in the English regions, representing various government departments. These include education, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs or DEFRA, transport, health, culture, and Work pensions. You can work in any of these departments as long as you have the qualifications.

Local Government

There are more than 400 local government agencies in the United Kingdom, ranging from big metropolitan councils in the cities of London to small rural unitary authorities. The provincial government sector offers over 600 distinct occupations and several thousands of various job titles working across different areas, including leisure, housing, social services, environmental health, education, with a combination of managerial, professional, and front-line workers.

Job opportunities include:

  • Corporate Services — administration, finance, and human resources.
  • Educational Services — teachers, librarians, educational psychologists, and administrative staff.
  • Emergency Services — emergency planners, paramedics, firefighters, and the scene of crime officers.
  • Leisure Services — the team responsible for managing public facilities, including museums, art galleries, leisure centers, and tourist information facilities.
  • Environmental Services — covers the conservation and improvement of environmental health.
  • Property Services — includes architects, engineers, and workers responsible for construction, maintenance, and surveying of structures throughout the nation. ;

Social Services

Working in this sector revolves around supporting and caring for the elderly, young adults, children, and those with physical disabilities and other special needs. Job opportunities for this sector include working as a social worker, care worker, drug abuse worker, welfare rights officer, policy development officer, occupational therapist, or physiotherapist.

The Civil Service

This sector consists of over 170 government departments and agencies that handle the kinds of work that affect the entire nation, including security, education, healthcare, pensions, and employment.

The National Health Service

Health services

NHS hospitals in the United Kingdom employ over 1.5 million individuals. Health provision is separated between primary care, the first point of professional contacts such as dentists and general practitioners for patients in the area, and secondary care, which is specialized treatment typically carried out in hospitals.

Job opportunities in the NHS sector include:

  • Doctors, including consultants and senior house officers.
  • Qualified nurses.
  • STT (Scientific Therapeutic Technical staff).
  • Ambulance personnel.
  • Support staff, such as nursing assistants.
  • Clerical or administrative team.
  • NHS infrastructure support personnel.

Some public sector jobs are not limited to the public sectors, with several professionals such as lawyers, managers, and accountants working for both public and private services. But occupations such as teaching, nursing, police, social work, and community regeneration is exclusive to the public sector.

Working in the public sector isn’t only a lucrative career path. It also allows you to help your community as the aim of occupations in this sector is to help the public, making you the everyday hero everyone needs.

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