Sometimes, it can be very hard to be in the business of selling boats. Because it’s in the same realm of cars, many might think that it’s just like selling cars. But, in truth, it’s really not. The most difficult fact about selling boats is that, simply put, not a lot of people need them. Yes, when they want to take a vacation and sail, they would often just rent, and not buy. As a result, the most popular buyers of boats are the elite. They are the ones who simply have a few hundred thousand dollars that they can use to buy boats.

But we can appeal to the general public and be able to sell more boats. We just need to work out the kinks of marketing. And the best way we can encourage people to invest in a boat is by showing them the benefits of living on one. Here’s how we can show them how living on a boat can be better than living in a house on land.

Breathtaking Views

Today, with the ever-growing population, far too many people live in cramped spaces. Some live in tiny apartments in the heart of the city. On the other hand, some live in houses in crowded suburban neighborhoods. Because of this, many people crave more breathing space when they’re looking for new places to live. Sure, they can set out to the rural areas and be surrounded by fields and mountains. But they can also set out on a boat and enjoy the views of the water.

What’s even better about this is that many other people would have laid down millions of dollars to build houses near the sea or the ocean. But with much less money, people can live on a boat and be surrounded by such breathtaking views all day long.


Buying a boat — specifically, a cabin cruiser — can cost between $100 thousand to $500 thousand. It all depends on the brand, the size, and the quality. Apart from that, people would also need to invest in nano-ceramic coating for boats and other maintenance services to ensure that the vessel is always in top shape. But, these expenses are still much lower than the expenses spent on living in a house. This way, people won’t have to worry about mortgage or rent, electric, water and heating bills, etc.

Solitude and Silence

boat life

Again, as said before, people are craving to make space between themselves and their neighbors and other strangers. But if it’s solitude that they really want, then living on a boat is the ultimate solution. They get to enjoy complete silence, too — something that many people will never have if they live in cities or other crowded neighborhoods.

This perk is especially beneficial today with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, millions of people around the world are getting vaccinated every single day. But, with the rising cases caused by the COVID-19 variants, social distancing is still at the top of people’s priorities. And there’s no better way of socially distancing people than living on a boat.

Minimalist Lifestyle

With the advent of Marie Kondo’s decluttering method and the growing interest in living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, many people are striving to live a minimalist lifestyle. But it’s not as easy as many might think. It actually takes a lot of courage and discipline to let go of many of their material possessions and let go of some of the habits such as buying things made of plastic. But living on a boat can certainly help people.

Because of the limited space inside the boat, they would actually be forced to declutter and only hold onto the most essential things in their daily lives. And because retail stores and other markets are not easily accessible while living on a boat, their shopping habits will also be down to a minimum.


And last, but definitely not the least, people living on a boat get to travel around the world. They can move from one coastal area to the next, having grand adventures. This is something that they won’t easily get if they are committed to a house or apartment.

Selling boats is certainly not easy. But if we highlight these perks of living on a boat, we certainly would have greater chances of making huge sales. It’s all about showing people what kind of life they can have if they decide to invest in a boat, travel a lot, and, essentially, become global citizens. Who knows? Perhaps, when we retire, we might join them and become residents of boats as well.


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