Swimming is a fun activity that children of all ages, even adults, will enjoy. Splashing and waddling in the pool is a great way to spend a hot day with the whole family. For kids, pool time means fun and playtime. However, the pool can be a dangerous place if you are not careful. Children are not fully aware of these risks, and it is your responsibility as adults to ensure their safety. From putting depth markers to hiring a water-filtering service, here are the ways to make pool activities safer for everyone, especially your kids.

Always have an adult present.

It is easy to get complacent about leaving the kids to have fun in your backyard pool. After all, the pool isn’t that really deep, right? You designed it for the children. However, kids can get rowdy when having fun. A bump on the head can lead to disastrous events without any adult overseeing the children. Cramps without any adult to pull the child out of the pool can end very badly.

Never leave children alone in the pool. Always assign one or two adults to watch over them all the time.

Place depth markers on the side of the pool.

Depth markers, those big numbers you see painted on the side of the pool, tell you how deep the pool is. Depth markers are an excellent way to warn everyone if the water is too deep or too shallow for a jump. It will remind kids who can recognize numbers and can also alert adults nearby if the children are on the wrong side of the pool.

Use safety devices.

Proper safety devices will give you peace of mind while your children play at the pool. Let the kids put on some arm floaties with coast guard approved life vests. Precaution is needed even if you are in your backyard pool. Install safety float lines for the kids to hold on, especially in the deeper parts.

Teach them to be careful.

Teach and show your kids how to be careful around the pool. Make sure that they understand the rules of the pool, such as “no running,” “no pushing,” and “no diving.” You might think that these are no-brainers, but kids are kids. You need to remind them of what’s prohibited around the pool. You can never be too cautious with kids in the water.

Protect their skin.

The sun can be harsh, so before your kids jump into the pool, slather on some sunscreen on them. Kids have more sensitive skin compared to adults, so it is essential to protect it from sunburns and irritations. Use sunscreens with SPF 50 or higher. You can use sunscreens labeled for adults and kids. The only difference is that the latter is formulated with sensitive skin in mind. So if your child is easily irritated, use sunscreens specifically made for kids.

Aside from sunscreen, you can also let your kids use wide-brimmed hats and sun-protective clothing. No sunscreen on the market is waterproof, so you will need to reapply the sunscreen on both you and your children every two hours.

Learn CPR.

Get CPR certified. It is an essential skill that can save lives. When you are swimming in your private pool without a lifeguard around, it is up to you adults to learn CPR and ensure the safety of everyone.

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Keep them hydrated.

When you are playing in the water, it is easy to forget that you need to keep hydrated too. Give the kids something to drink before they jump into the pool. They should stay hydrated while playing the water, so keep some fluids nearby.

Enroll your children in swim lessons.

When your child is ready, enroll him or her in swim lessons. Children as young as four can start swimming lessons. It is a skill that is essential for survival. However, knowing that your children know how to swim should not make you lax in watching over them when they are in the pool.

Ensure that your pool water is clean.

Without filters, the water in your pool will quickly get dirty. It will make your swimming pool a sea of bacteria and diseases. Keep your pool safe for your family by hiring an effective pool water filtering service. Without one, you are putting your children and the rest of your family at risk of recreational water illnesses, which include diarrhea, ear pain, skin rashes, or eye pain, among many others.

Keep fun times in the pool safe and enjoyable. Pool safety is an important matter that everyone in your family should take seriously. Have fun, but be vigilant, especially with children in the pool.

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