Now that you’ve bought that truck and its low loader trailer that was for sale, it’s your responsibility to keep it properly maintained. Proper maintenance ensures that a truck will be able to last longer and reduces the chance of devastating accidents.

That is why you need to remember the tips below so that your trucks will get the best care possible.

Give Proper Training

Though they may seem like simple machines, heavy trucks are still complicated. That is why your mechanics and operators need to be properly trained to handle repair and maintenance on them. Several certification programs will ensure that your team members have the right knowledge to keep your trucks running. If they do get certified, you should also ensure that they get regular refresher training to keep them informed and educated about the changes in the industry.

Most manufacturers have a specific training course for their vehicles. This means you need to ensure that if you do get a new vehicle, you have a guy ready to maintain it.

Regular Checks

There’s nothing like regular inspections to identify problems before they become major issues. That is why you need to have a schedule of checks to help identify such problems early. Mechanics can do pre-drive checks, especially if the truck is going on a long haul drive. It should be quick and easy to see if the truck is ready to do its job.

More thorough inspections should be done on a monthly basis. Starting from the engine to see if it’s functioning well to the tires to see if they have the right pressure, an inspection will be able to detect something wrong so that you can have it fixed right away.

Focus on Parts That Wear Out Quickly

truck duiring maintenance

Your mechanics should be focusing on parts that wear out fast. For one, there are the tires of the trucks. Those are pushed hard every day and miles and miles of driving will wear down the rubber of those tires. It will also affect the pressure in them.

Another part that needs attention is the hydraulics. Hydraulic hoses have a lot of fluid passing through them; cracks and leaks may develop in time. You need to ensure that the hydraulic pressure is kept up so that the truck operates well and overheating is avoided.

Lubricants should also be applied regularly to brakes and other parts. Proper lubrication is necessary to avoid damage to various parts of your truck.

Drivers Need to Do Their Part

Drivers also need to avoid driving like they are in an F1 race. Truck drivers must be careful in their operation. This means not driving too fast or using the brakes too much. You’ll also want them to avoid turning quickly. Driving like the truck is a sports car is a recipe for disaster and wears out the truck’s parts faster.

Heavy trucks are a large investment. They are often worth that investment because of the constant work they do for your company in terms of transportation and delivery of goods. To ensure that you get more out of your investment, you need to take good care of them so that they will remain in tip-top condition.

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