If you live near a coastline or if you own a property there, investing in a luxury boat or yacht might be a wonderful idea. It’s a great way for you and your family to bond (and pretty safe from COVID-19, too!), and you might be able to make money off it through rentals, too. If you’re thinking of investing in a yacht this year, here are some interior design trends you need to know.

Warm and neutral colors

Unlike the Scandinavian style that’s been all the rage the past few years, interior trends are moving towards a warm and neutral color palette. The minimalist Scandinavian style favors warm whites, but 2021 is moving towards more neutral and earthy backgrounds that complement natural hues and muted colors.

People tend to think of beige as conservative, safe, and boring, but it can provide a gorgeous and serene contrast against the pops of color and textures of the ocean. If beige feels too safe, other more risky variations like champagne can be a more elegant alternative. Adding accents of black and gray can also provide drama without making it look too overwhelming to the eyes.

Natural elements and materials

One rule of thumb you can abide by is by going for home interior trends this 2021. This year, tactile and natural accents are back on the trends list, so it’s important to invite nature onboard your yacht. You can opt for top-of-the-line furniture that’s made of more natural and simple materials, like a mid-toned wood with grain that has an exposed texture. You can also match these furniture pieces with more textured and organic fabrics like linen.

Light, untreated woods are also known for evoking a homey and comfortable atmosphere, so they are suitable for floors and ceilings and wall coverings. Light, untreated woods can look incredible against the blue of the ocean, and they can be wonderful for highlighting spaces with multiple purposes.


private yacht

If you decide to work with a more neutral and warm space, make sure you prioritize texture by incorporating multiple complementary materials and items. If you want to add warmth to your space, invest in soft and tactile fabrics to evoke the feeling of intimacy and coziness in your space. You can also add more linen cushions and fuzzy rugs in a more neutral or plain color. Should you decide to add a statement wall art, make sure the colors are also in warm and neutral tones. You can also invest in a living plant that can serve as a centerpiece in your space—it will help complement and blend the indoors and the outdoors of your boat.

Finishing accents

Since natural elements are the dominant trends in 2021, consider using materials like metal, stone, wood, and glass for your finishing accents. If you want a refined look, consider coating the metals in colors like black, bronze, or iron gray—it’s a less unexpected alternative to polished stainless steel. And because technology has been great in providing new materials, engineered stone can also serve as an alternative to natural stone. Engineered stone can be non-porous, is incredibly durable, and can provide designers with high-contrast veining and more unique patterns.

To make your galley even more unique and trendy this year, consider trading the shiny surfaces into more matte finishes. It will help make the metal accents stand out even more, and the galley will be able to combine glass with artificial materials, wood with concrete, and metal with stone. Blending various materials and textures can make for an incredibly stylish galley.


In the same way that lighting can make or break the look and feel of a home, it can also greatly influence the interiors of your yacht. Make sure that natural lighting is always a priority by not blocking windows or installing heavy cabinetry, furniture, or treatments. Smart technology can also make your lighting much safer, durable, precise, and easy to maintain, making your yacht ready for a romantic or intimate date night, to more high-energy occasions like a party. And the best part about smart technology? You can do it all from your smartphone.

Contemporary and modern will be on-trend in interior design this 2021, which means highlighting warm palettes, natural woods, bold lines, and using the symmetry of a room to evoke a more balanced and serene aesthetic. Research what trends will look good in a home, and imagine how they can translate into a yacht. Decide how you want to feel while in your boat, and let that guide all your interior design decisions this year.

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