Influence of Communications

Strategic Communications is Influence

Strategic communications is an active discipline – requiring exceptional credentials and expertise – to assist leaders to clearly navigate complex competitive challenges and achieve enhanced influence, image awareness and solid results. Utilizing new concepts, we help recalibrate and shape thought leadership, information resources, and how the world favorably sees and talks about our clients. We specialize in early stage development of differentiating ideas, positioning, and powerful digital platforms that drive awareness and success.

We believe that meaningful strategic communications in today’s digital era goes far beyond conventional public relations and marketing. We are journalists and international strategists.

In today’s cluttered and noisy world, authentic and clear words and appeal of news resources are driving catalysts. Strategically managing news is the single most powerful dynamic in the world. It is the link … the common thread … among all audiences.

Sir Richard Branson – whom we admire – has simple advice for controlling a brand and image – “Tell Stories.”

“People respond to stories, not data or press releases.”

And, by “people,” Branson means the public and the
news media, as well as governments, decision makers, stakeholders.
Branson advises to “experiment with new ways of telling stories and
make the most of all the new communications tools
out there.”

What is your story and how will audiences respond to it?  News Strategies harnesses a galaxy of new digital communications tools together with original ideas for compelling and credible storytelling through the medium of the media and social media. The objective is greater influence for clients.

What We Do

We advise leaders, corporations, and organizations. We help them to shape their competitive advantage through original ideas and thought leadership in the digital era.

globe-on-ipad_500wThe influence of communications is having the skills and expertise to recalibrate brand image, manage a crisis, utilize the right social media channels or achieve an enhanced footprint of awareness.

It begins with comprehensive strategic communications planning. We specialize in the early stage development of ideas, messages, and platforms that drive success. We are accomplished at plan execution.

We work with our clients to engage in external conversations. We know and interact with the right people and know how to control the mainstream and digital media environments. We distinguish clients through a clear and influential voice in today’s crowded and noisy business arenas.

Audiences today are more connected, empowered, fragmented and demanding … driven by the digital space. In this environment, authentic and clear words of positioning and news are driving catalysts for more effective marketing and communications. News is the single most powerful dynamic in the world. It is the link among audiences.

With strategic vision, we advise clients on original ways to listen to the marketplace and reach, connect, engage audiences.

Our Distinctive Advantage

Traditional PR agencies sell hours, utilize junior staff and deploy rubber-stamp tactics. We’ve spent most of our lives and careers with big communications groups, like CBS News. So we know what we’re talking about.

News Strategies is different … all of our professionals are highly accomplished … experts in their own right. We are early adapters and leaders in social media and the digital environment.  We know how to create original strategic communications initiatives – practicing the art of communications.

We deliver results.