In most countries, November and December are the most profitable months of the year for business owners, retailers, and independent sellers. Holiday sales can make up as much as 40% of yearly customer transactions for many businesses. A successful holiday season means having new clients, making huge profits, and creating strong bonds that can carry your business through the rest of the year.

Here are five proven tips to increase sales and ensure a profitable holiday season.


The holiday season is a fantastic time to suggest items to go with additional products or services your clients are already buying. For instance, if a customer purchased an indoor mat, suggest adding a front door mat to the bundle to let their home’s indoors and outdoors have matching aesthetics. Or when you’re selling spa packages, offer a premium to-go spa kit for professional relaxation at home. It’s a great way to add value to your customers and increase holiday sales.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Behavioral psychologists have discovered that urgent situations cause individuals to hold off deliberate procrastination thoughts and persuade them to act fast. This concept is an excellent way to entice customers to purchase products during the holidays. After all, no one likes missing out on great deals. When you place a deadline on a promotion, people automatically lean toward grabbing these promos without hesitation.

Promote Creatively

The holidays are the best time people are ready to spend more than they have to, but you still need to get creative with your promotional campaigns to get a high return on investment (ROI).

Here’s how you can promote more efficiently.

  • Make a Holiday Gift Guide — You’d be surprised at how many people are having trouble picking gifts to give their loved ones during the holidays. Make this part easier by compiling your best products, curating them around a theme, and sharing that info to your mailing list.
  • Offer Free Shipping and Holiday Gift Wrapping — If you’re operating an e-commerce store, chances are you have some big competition ahead of you, and what better way to stand out than offering more choices like free things? Free shipping and gift wrapping are popular choices.

Host Holiday-Themed Contests

holiday theme

A fun and profitable way of increasing your holiday sales is by involving your customers in creative and enjoyable contests and rewarding them for winning it. A great idea would be revealing a prize for the best and worst holiday picture submission with your product, such as a t-shirt featured in the photos. Another challenge is asking customers to draw holiday-themed pictures using your newest customized pens.

Any of these fun and creative ideas can add sparkle to the holiday spirit for your customers, grabbing the attention of prospects and giving off a customer-centric vibe — boosting sales and brand awareness.

Make Your Social Media Profiles More Festive

If done right, social media networks can play a massive role in increasing holiday sales. A great way to expand your reach this holiday is updating your business’s social media properties following festive themes, keeping your brand relevant in the holiday season. You can do this by changing your business’s profile photo and posting holiday-themed pictures or messages to associate your brand with the exclusive sales you may be offering, enticing more customers.

The holiday season is the biggest chance business owners, and independent sellers can boost their revenue. So, take advantage of the opportunity and incorporate the tips mentioned to your operations to persuade customers to stick around and come back even after the festive season.