When the pandemic started in 2020, many people turned to gardening as a hobby. And this was evident in the sales of seeds last year. A company called W. Atlee Burpee & Co., which sells seeds in the U.S., reached its highest sales in its 144 years in business.

It makes a lot of sense that people got into home gardening during the pandemic. For one, it’s a great hobby and distraction from reality. Secondly, if one puts a lot of effort into growing a vegetable and herb garden, they can create their own food source. Gardening also helps with reducing stress, anger, fatigue, and anxiety.

But gardening can be more than just a hobby and a way to improve your mental health. You can also turn it into a business.

Sell Plants

indoor plants

The first and probably the most obvious way to earn money from gardening is by selling plants. If you grow a vegetable garden, you probably already have everything you need: seeds, gardening tools, soil, fertilizers, and so on. You can plant seeds and sell them when they start to bud. Or, if you grow flowers and houseplants, you can sell potted plants.

Selling plants can be a great business since you already know what to do. You can sell plants to your neighbors and other acquaintances who are just getting started with gardening. You can also create an online store.

Sell Seeds

You can also sell just the seeds instead of plants. If you’ve saved some seeds already, you can pack them nicely and sell them online. In a way, this is a much easier way to sell since you don’t need a lot of supplies compared to selling plants in pots.

Sell Cuttings

Some plants need to be trimmed. Pruning is important to maintain a healthy garden. For example, some plants like tomatoes and basil grow fast, so you’ll need to prune them regularly so that they can easily synthesize sunlight and obtain water. Instead of throwing the cuttings away, you can sell them instead since they can be used to start new plants.

Sell Produce

landscape garden

If you’re confident about the vegetables, herbs, and flowers that you grow, you can sell them as well. You can sell them in packs. Or, if you’re comfortable with people coming to your garden, you can let them harvest the vegetables and herbs or cut the flowers themselves. This can make your business more appealing. It will also show your potential customers that you want to sell produce as fresh as it can be.

Sell Gardening Tools and Kits

You can extend your business to more than just selling plants by selling gardening tools as well. Since you’re growing a garden, you know what kinds of tools work and which don’t. You can use this knowledge to sell tools that you know will be useful to your customers, especially novice gardeners.

You can even sell kits that include seeds or cuttings and gardening tools. Many people will appreciate being able to buy in sets since they can buy everything they need altogether.

Sell Crafts Made from Your Produce

If you have flowers and herbs in your garden, you can use them as ingredients for homemade products that you can sell. For example, these days, many people are mindful of the things they buy and use. And they want to be as eco-friendly as possible. You can cater to this group of people by selling handmade soap using dried flowers and herbs as ingredients. You can pack each soap in kraft paper with a jute string.

You can also sell handmade candles and use your dried flowers and herbs to decorate them. You can also sell resin flower jewelry if you’re into accessories.

Make Video Tutorials

The internet is filled with educational content. Just like gardening, e-learning is also on the rise because of the pandemic. There are many online learning platforms where you can learn about basically anything. For example, you can take classes on landscape design if you want to improve your garden’s aesthetic. You can also learn about digital marketing, which will be very helpful in selling your products.

You can take advantage of this and make video tutorials or informative videos about gardening. You can upload these videos on YouTube and monetize them. You can also teach classes online for a quicker way to earn money.

A passion can always be turned into something profitable if you’re willing to. There are many ways to turn your garden into money. You not only get to do what you love, but you also earn from it. It’s a win-win situation!