One of the supposed key benefits of an open plan office layout is to promote better collaboration. But mounting pieces of evidence prove that this kind of office layout not only harms cooperation but also affects employee happiness.   Some experts say that 73% of the participants spent less time making face-to-face interactions. The data came after moving into an open-plan work environment. Meanwhile, digital communication via instant messaging and email increased by 75% and 67%, respectively.

The new open space design may have reduced the number of personal interactions. But researchers suggest that it could also open doors to a change in the workplace setting.

Changing the way workspace’s function

The office will likely include shared network spaces. These spaces will help change and redefine the boundaries between each company. But achieving this type of workspace wouldn’t be that easy.

Doing this would require accurate data so that you can create a new design, as well as management principles. In addition, a collaborative effort between IT, HR, and facilities management is a must. It holds true, especially when creating a natural flow among departments.

Even adding coffee machines in strategic places can also work. Experts say that coffee makes the younger generation happy. That’s because it gives them the energy that they need to get through their day. You can consider getting an expensive coffee maker. Another option is to put a part of the company’s budget in coffee beans. A local brewer can help you know which type of coffee bean would be best for you and your employees. Another option is to host a coffee tasting event and let all the employees vote for the best.

Changes start with each workstation

Workstation in office

Applying ergonomics to each commercial office design or fitout in Melbourne and other places is crucial in improving the company’s productivity. It also helps boost employee satisfaction.

Remember that employees spend eight hours a day in the same area while staring at the screen. That’s why providing them with sit-stand desks is an excellent option. Doing so allows them to choose their desired table height. Providing them with ergonomic keyboards and mice can also help. That’s because working for long hours can put stress on their hands and wrists.

You should also promote office cleanliness as part of your office culture. That’s because keeping things clean doesn’t only keep nasty germs at bay. It also helps prevent the spreading of illnesses. Keeping things organized also helps employees find items easily.

Adding plants is also a great idea. Letting employees bring plants will help boost their mood and morale. It increases their productivity as well. What most companies don’t realize these days is that workers can suffer from sick building syndrome. People who have this condition experience dizziness and fatigue. They also have difficulty focusing on their tasks.

High retention rates and boosting employee morale should be every company’s priority. That’s why it’s best to provide your employees with an environment that’s conducive for work. These changes will help employees perform at their best.

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