What if your home has been infested by pests, and you have no idea? Do you want to wait until you deal with health complications or structural damage?

You need to know when you require pest control services for your home in Chesapeake, VA, for instance. There are signs you can watch out for. Here are some of them:

1. Urine and Droppings

You may not be able to see pests in your home, but you can spot their droppings and urine. You should look around, especially in hidden corners of your heater, attic, crawl spaces, or carpet for droppings that don’t belong there. For example, small conical droppings may belong to rats that have made themselves at home in your house. Also, be alert of bad odors in your home. These may give you an idea about the location of the pest infestation.

Do not ignore rodents in your home. Rodents can give you diseases like plague, Salmonellosis, different types of hemorrhagic fevers, and more.

2. Damage to property

Be more observant and find out if there’s any damage that has occurred inside your home. Take a look at your fabrics, wiring, and furniture. Do you notice any unexplained holes? What about gnawing marks? Does it look like your wiring has been chewed up?

Also, pay close attention to your food storage containers. Be on the lookout for scratch marks and gnawing marks. If there are any burrows in your indoor plants or you begin to notice they are dying even if you water them often, then there may be a pest that has gotten to them.

people fumigating their house

3. Noises at night

There are certain noises you expect to hear at night. A good example is the chirp of crickets. But it is one thing to hear those noises outside your home and quite another to hear them inside. You may have unwanted guests.

However, any crickets that come inside your home may be there accidentally. You need to worry about strange sounds behind your walls or floorboards. Do you hear any scuttling, squeaking, scratching sounds? Those strange noises at night could pinpoint the exact location of the infestation.

4. Structural damage to your home

Apart from the health complications that pests like rodents can bring, another major problem you may have from pest infestation is structural damage to your home. When you notice tiny wood shavings, holes in your wood, signs of moisture in certain parts of the home that indicate rotting, you may have an ant or termite problem. Research shows that termite infestation costs US homeowners $5 billion per year. So, it’s something you should take seriously.

When you suspect pests have invaded your home, you need to find the best pest control service available. The last thing you want to deal with is medical complications while also struggling with structural issues that make your home inhabitable. Get all the help you need to get rid of those pests immediately, so you can avoid all such issues and — regain your peace of mind.  ⁠⁠