According to statistics, a break-in occurs every 25.7 seconds in the USA. It’s no wonder why 62% of respondents to the recent survey related to home safety say that burglary remains their top worry. Break-ins result in loss of valuable possession and violent crimes. So it’s important to keep your home safe at all times. Here are some ways to avoid break-in and outsmart burglars.

Install security doors

Mention it, and people can easily picture a hard and sturdy door made of steel, which is why security doors give an impression of a well-secured property or house. This is frequently used in home offices with confidential information. It has two different types; open steel doors and fiberglass. The former features a tempered glass back panel, while the latter contains steel side fixing. But this isn’t a DIY project you can do by yourself. You need the help of a professional for proper installation.

Avoid showboating

If you have a bike or scooter, don’t display them in your outdoor space. That attracts the attention of thieves, making you their next potential target. Also, avoid making your interior transparent to the outside world. Use drapes to cover your fancy treasures from passers-by. And instead of flaunting the box of TV you just purchased, put it in a colored plastic bag. The latter makes people wonder what else you have inside.

Trick thieves

Remember how Kevin in Home Alone tricked the two burglars? He set up a fake party at home. You don’t necessarily have to go that far, but maybe you can think of a brilliant way to make burglars believe that your house isn’t empty. ; Statistics show that most break-ins happen in the morning when most people are out for work. You can leave the music playing or the television on. The only downside is it will send your electricity bill soaring. The other alternative is to put up a home security sign outside. The Office of Community Oriented Police Service says that thieves are more likely to pass a house with surveillance signs.

Consider smart home security cameras

This smart home technology is an excellent way to monitor your house even when you are away. It can detect burglars through facial recognition. During a break-in, it alerts homeowners and notifies authorities, increasing the possibility of burglars getting arrested. You only need to set up smart communication technology, and you are all set.

Maintain your yard

Tall trees and plants make a perfect hiding place for thieves, so it’s recommended to trim tall shrubs around your area. This is known as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. The four principles include:

Natural surveillance- the idea is to keep the home entry visible to people to prevent strangers from breaking into it.

Territorial reinforcement- let your outdoor space define your occupancy space.

Natural Access Control- setting up obstacles or hindrances to prevent easy access to your property that may include traps or thorny plants.

Target Hardening- includes adding an extra layer of security such as deadbolts.

Prepare for your getaway

items for travel

Burglary cases increase from July to August when most people are on break. Notify the police and also your neighbor, so they can make the rounds of your home. You may also ask a friend or a relative to look after your house while you are out. The idea is to avoid leaving signs that your house is temporarily unoccupied.

Know your neighbor

Living in a close-knit neighborhood deter burglars because they know that someone keeps an eye on the property. That’s the importance of a watch group. The National Sheriff’s Association says that it’s an effective way to keep burglary within the neighborhood at bay. ;

Get a guard dog

Guard or watchdogs are quick to act and won’t hesitate to attack strangers who pose a serious threat to their owner and property. Some of the best dog guards include bullmastiff, Doberman pinscher, Rottweiler, and German Shepherd. These powerful breeds ensure your family’s safety at all times.

Stay vigilant

This includes knowing the latest news about robbery within your area, keeping the local police station number, and locking your doors even when you’re just inside the house. Always pay attention to any suspicious activities within the neighborhood, and don’t hesitate to let the local police know if you believe it’s a potential crime.

Burglary remains the number one threat to homeowners across the US. But by taking caution and preventive measures, you can avoid falling victim to it.


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