You’ve probably seen one of those unboxing videos popular these days. Basically, these online content feature consumers as they open a recently received product from a courier company. These videos have become too widespread satirical takes on the trend have popped up. That alone speaks of the trend’s cultural influence.

If you run a business that provides consumer goods, you might as well find a way to monetize the concept of unboxing. Just how you might ask. Well, consider it a marketing opportunity. One that’s organic and for which you do not have to pay. You just let consumers find value in the experience of unboxing your product. And voila, you’re getting free promotion. Here are ways to exhaust the potential of product packaging as a marketing tool.


Product packaging should be in line with branding. You cannot package your product in a way that defeats the purpose of your carefully thought-out branding. That will confuse consumers. Take a cue from Apple products.

Even from afar, you would know the packaging of an iPhone. The box looks sturdy and seamless. The design, simple and clean. Unboxing an iPhone is effortless. That adds to the customer experience.

Incorporate promotional elements

Consider product packaging as marketing real estate. While you do not have to use all spaces available to you, because that will make the design cluttered, you should know how to maximize printable surfaces.

For instance, you could incorporate a QR code into the product’s box. This QR code might offer special freebies or discounts once used. It can also automatically enroll the customer to your mailing or text marketing list. Just make sure you provide an opt-in option so you do not blindside anyone.

You can also include a quiz or game. Or anything that will prolong the consumer’s interaction with your product’s packaging.

Don’t forget a call-to-action (CTA)

You have social media pages to keep in touch with your target market. Those who bought your product must be reminded that your online brand portals exist. Print links to your social media presence on product packaging. Encourage customers to visit them using a persuasive CTA.

That’s just one way to incorporate a CTA into product packaging. You can also include text codes for consumers who want to receive brand notifications and updates.

assorted boxes

Use reusable packaging

More and more consumers are becoming environmentally aware. They know that each purchase they make adds to their carbon footprint. With reusable product packaging, you gain two benefits. One is you get to add green consciousness to your branding. Second, you get prolonged product exposure.

Consider a soup can that doubles as a planter. Soon your brand will be in people’s gardens for visitors to see and admire. Think of it as organic marketing, and please excuse the pun.

Change with the season

This might not work with smaller brands with smaller marketing or packaging budgets. For those with money to spare, however, this is a surefire way to further engage customers with not just your product but in how they are packaged.

Is Mother’s Day approaching? Why not update the packaging of your bath soaps to zero in on this event. Sons and daughters will have a prettily packaged gift option for their moms. And there are many sons and daughters out there.

Go out of the box

By going out of the box, we mean literally. Product packaging is typically rectangular or square. It won’t hurt if you consider other possibilities. That is even if your product itself is square or rectangle.

Think soaps in leaf-shaped boxes. Or tea bags in mug-shaped cartons. The goal here is to make packaging as interesting as possible without compromising the integrity of the product inside, especially if it’s meant to be shipped to consumers.

Marketing eats into your business profit. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize marketing-related costs. One strategy is by opting for product packaging that doubles as marketing collateral. Consider it shooting two birds with one stone.

Here all it takes is a little creativity. You do not have to break the bank to update your product packaging either. Remember that a brilliant idea can compensate for a limited budget. The next time you’re on the drawing board with your marketing team, think of ways to add value to how you package your products. Shoot for something that will engage your customers enough for them to wield a camera phone in front of themselves while they unbox what you’ve got to offer.


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