Road accidents are everyday occurrences anywhere in the world. However, some are more at risk than others. Cyclists, in particular, are more likely to get injured because they don’t have the same coverage as motorists. It’s easy for a distracted driver to clip a cyclist accidentally or for a speeding car to collide with a cyclist at an intersection.

It is in everyone’s best interest to improve road safety for cyclists. As more people choose bicycles over cars, motorists will need to adjust to the change on roads. Working to improve road safety will protect everyone in this shared space. Find out what you can do to protect cyclists on the road.

Demand for Better Infrastructure

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Improving road safety for cyclists includes providing the right infrastructure. Most roads are still car-centric, leaving cyclists at risk whenever they are on them. When cyclists have the appropriate space to move freely and safely on roads, there are fewer chances for crashes and other accidents.

Start by demanding for protected bike lanes. These simply need a select portion of the road to be sectioned off and explicitly dedicated to cyclists. This can be accomplished through a partnership between the local government and cycling advocacy groups. Additionally, you’ll need to contact a thermoplastic paint manufacturer for supplies, specifically to paint the necessary road division and signs.

Fight for Laws that Protect Cyclists

Most bicycle laws are focused on the cyclist’s immediate safety. These include those that require cyclists to wear helmets, reflective clothing, and other safety gear. But there is a lack of laws in protecting cyclists’ from motorists. Often, when a cyclist gets into an accident, the motorist at fault will only have to pay a fine.

Fighting for better laws for cyclists will rectify this situation and create a safer environment for everyone. Several cycling advocacy groups can help with this endeavor. Most of the time, they already have campaigns in place. Help them by bringing more attention to the cause.

Make It a Habit to Report Hostile Motorists

Creating a safe environment for cyclists means holding motorists accountable. Harassment from hostile drivers is typical for cyclists. It can be anything, from using the car’s horn to fluster cyclists to tailgating a cyclist to force them to go faster or to turn. These actions put the cyclist in harm because they distract them on the road.

If you are a cyclist, keep the local road authorities’ contact information at you at all times. When you get harassed on the road, pull over and report the incident. Doing this informs the necessary people that it is a common problem. Once they have established this, it will be easier to demand better road laws for cyclists.

These are just some things you can do to improve road safety. While it might take some time to see significant change, you shouldn’t be discouraged from getting on your bike. Encourage family and friends to join you to make it more fun and safe. When motorists see more cyclists on the road, they are likely to drive more carefully.

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