Everybody longs to have the cleanest bathroom possible at home. After all, this is where you go to wash up and get clean after a long day. However, it is precisely because of this reason that your bathroom also gets dirty very easily. Furthermore, with a large number of items and toiletries crammed into such a small space, it also makes for a disorganized mess inside.

Hence, keeping your bathroom clean requires a lot of regular work and maintenance. Fortunately, there are very simple steps you can take to make your bathroom a cleaner place. By following these, you will feel much more refreshed in your bathroom than ever before:

Use finishing on your walls and doors

A buildup of moisture on your floors, walls, and doors can lead to mildew and scum stains. Hence, it is recommended to use prefinished bathroom wall panels and floor tiles. You may also opt to coat these areas with a water repellant in order to make it easier for minerals and soap traces to run off. This prevents any buildup on the walls, which will eventually save you a lot of scrubbing time.

Install an exhaust fan

Having an exhaust fan in your bathroom keeps the air fresh and breathable. This is especially useful during warmer periods when the lack of air flowing in and out of your bathroom can trap heat and turn it into a sauna. This heat can also lead to the formation of mildew, which would be an even bigger problem to deal with.

Hence, it is recommended that you have an exhaust fan turned on the entire time you use the bathroom. In fact, some have even made turning on the exhaust automatic as soon as the lights are switched on so that there is no forgetting.

Organize and clean your sink and counter

Clutter on your counter and by your sink is a recipe for a dirty bathroom, especially when you do not even use many items on your counter. It is best to keep the essentials that you use every day simply, and to store the rest in a cabinet.

Sinks and counters are also prone to staining from soap, toothpaste, and other items that may spill inside. Hence, keeping your bathroom clean requires a frequent scrubbing down of these areas.

Keep clothes hamper

Throwing your clothes on the floor in a pile not only makes your bathroom messier, but it also adds to the possibility of it getting dirtier. The sweat and dirt left on your clothes after a long day will only attract even more dirt and foul odor into your bathroom.

To avoid this, it is advisable to keep clothes hamper where you can throw your dirty clothes in before you have them washed in the laundry. This will help organize your bathroom floor, plus the hamper can provide a bit of color and design to the place as well.

Vacuum regularly

Regular vacuuming

There is nothing messier than having your shower and toilet area strewn with fallen hair. These also attract dust mites that only make your bathroom even dirtier. Furthermore, an accumulation of these can clog your drainage areas and lead to blockages in your bathroom.

In order to help with the dirty work of cleaning up loose hair, dust, and fingernails, it is best to vacuum your bathroom regularly. You’d be surprised at how much dirt you can actually capture, and how much cleaner and better your bathroom feels afterward.