Whether you are going through a life’s rough episode or just bored with your daily routine, going to the beach is one of the top forms of relief. The sun, the blue sky, the ocean air, and the salty sea water will give you a rejuvenating treat. So if your Ford or Subaru is still in the repair shop, call the mechanic and check if your car is well and ready for a country drive.

But don’t get too excited. Make sure to pack everything you need to make sure that your beach venture will be a satisfying experience. Check this list for some reminders.

Choose the right beachwear

You will be at the beach all day, so you should feel comfortable and should not be bothered by the wrong choice of wardrobe. Wear clothes that are light and breathable. Linen maxi dresses are perfect for women, while a quick-drying shirt and shorts are excellent choices for men.

Make sure that your car is in top shape

Traveling to the beach is a fantastic ride, but if you fail to check your vehicle before the trip, you might experience headaches along the way. This will ruin your mood and the entire beach adventure. We don’t want accidents or unfortunate circumstances to happen, so you need a pre-road-trip checkup; check the tires, battery, brakes, AC system, and lights. Don’t forget your spare tire!

Pack the best foods and snacks

beach of an island

Apart from enjoying the sand, the sea, and the sun, your goal is to stay hydrated and nourished while you’re at the beach. Since it is a challenging environment because of the wind, seawater, and sand, you should choose the right food and beverages to bring. Wraps are safer than sandwiches in a sandy and windy environment. You can also consider bringing skewers, whole fruits, lettuce wraps, and cookies. You can eat this food with one hand without needing utensils, and it is easy to clean up.

When at the beach, limit your alcohol

It is a well-known fact that alcohol is a diuretic, which means that when you drink, you go to the restroom often and lose liquid in your body. Plus, the heat of the sun will accelerate the dehydration process. If you really can’t resist drinking your favorite beer, the best thing you can do is drink it alternately with water. Also, remember that swimming when you’re drunk can be life-threatening as your balance and reaction time will be altered. Practice moderation.

Bring your beach essentials

We know you like to get Vitamin D, but you need sunscreen to protect your skin when the UV rays become intense. Just like your sunscreen, wearing sunglasses will prevent your eyes from getting irritated from the wind, sand, and salt. Finally, one beach trick that you might not know yet is the magic of baby powder. Poof it on your feet to brush off the sand and save your car from the mess.

In all adventures, the secret to having a satisfying experience is to come prepared. Enjoy the waves!

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