Homeowners should expect to spend between $774 and $3,092 for a driveway gate installation this year. The actual price depends on the type of materials and cost of labor in your area.

You can further stretch your budget by choosing among different types of aluminum estate gates instead of ones made with wrought iron. Most people now favor aluminum because of its nearly similar aesthetics compared to an iron gate without spending a lot. An automatic wrought iron gate installation may cost more than $7,000 especially when you choose high-end materials.

Cost of Manual Gate Installation

Manual gates cost less than automated variants simply due to the former’s need for fewer materials. You can buy an aluminum gate for at least $500, but some models with intricate designs may cost up to $1,200. Fencing posts range between $25 and $100 while you can spend up to $125 for concrete and additional hardware.

An intercom installation might be optional. Otherwise, you need to add at least $350 to your budget. Labor fees cost from $30 per hour to $80 per hour, so ask quotes from at least three different professionals before hiring a contractor to compare the most reasonable rate. 

An Automated Gate Is More Expensive

A typical automatic gate costs at least $7,000 when you only use basic materials. You need to include the expenses from installing a manual driveway gate, and add the cost of keypads, sensors, an intercom, dual bollards and an opener kit with a motor and an arm. Dual bollards, which cost from $3,000 to $6,000, will account for a huge chunk of your budget.

The opener kit usually costs up to $4,500 while keypads and sensors may cost up to $500 each. Despite the high price, convenience serves as the primary advantage of an electric gate. Those who often see guests at their home will benefit more from installing an automatic driveway. Aside from aluminum and wrought iron, you can choose among steel, vinyl and wood for the gate’s material.

Why Aluminum Is Better

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Aluminum estate gates are lightweight and easier to open so it causes less damage on the tracks. If you install a sliding gate, the rollers could last longer because of less weight and pressure when opening the gate. The same advantage applies to the hinges of swinging gates.

Unlike steel and iron, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on maintaining an aluminum gate. While aluminum is almost maintenance-free, you need to be careful because it’s prone to dents. You can avoid this by choosing a solid-cast aluminum gate without hollow tubes. Pick one with at least one-half inch of thickness.


Your location will affect the total price for installing a driveway gate. If you have trouble finding your preferred ornamental gate in your area, consider buying from online retailers that ship to anywhere in the U.S. You should think about spending extra on lifetime warranties for workmanship and materials, which may come in handy when repairs become necessary.