Rearranging personal space can help you achieve inner and outer harmony inside your home because you design it in a way that makes total sense to you. Interior designers recommend home renovation every three to four years. You can do so by doing it yourself or hiring general contractor services. Here’s how you can revamp your home like you got professional work done:

1. Allow an open space

A wide space symbolizes the quality of life and improved overall well-being, making it more welcoming. Basically, it provides a more livable area for you and your family. Anyone can turn it into an entertainment spot or leisure activity room where you can have fun and relax during your free time.

Is your place small enough? Worry not! By hanging a full-length mirror on the wall, you can create a more spacious feel. A mirror is reflective, allowing light to bounce back. That effect gives the illusion of a wider room. You may also place it on top of the cabinet or shelf that faces the opposite direction of your door to make the room appear more open and airy.

Are you considering painting your room? Paint your wall and ceiling with similar colors, and you can bring them together, giving your room a unified look. Choose light and bright colors to reflect the natural light and make your room appear larger in contrast to dark colors that absorb light. Go for lavender, light green, or pale yellow- they give your room a warm and pleasing ambiance.

2. Add proper lighting

All of us have been too poorly lit rooms, and we know how cramped and cluttered it could look. That is the reason why home experts and interior designers emphasize proper lighting at home.

Take advantage of the natural light by minimizing the use of drapes. Sheer light curtains are a better choice; they let sunlight in without making your house completely transparent to the outside world.

Is your room blocking the natural light? Try getting lampshades or chandeliers to distribute light in different areas of your room. The lighter the room looks, the better.

3. Anchor your room

window in winter

This means pulling your furniture together so that they complement rather than compete with each other. Also, anchoring your room helps you achieve a cohesive and welcoming ambiance.

Placing a large rug underneath your sofa or coffee table set can immediately draw attention towards the furniture; a rug can add warmth and style.

Another excellent way to accent your room is to hang a couple of paintings. But don’t go for the ones that are too big for your place, that affects proportion, which also plays an important role in house renovations. It is better to keep a picture of your room in hand during shopping so that you can envision how the painting will look.

4. Renovate your outdoor space

This serves as the extension of your house. Remodeling it also improves the quality of your life and the value of your home. Research shows that an aesthetic outdoor space can boost the curb of your house, and that is what most home buyers look for- if ever you plan to put up your property for sale.

Start by creating a natural flow between your interior and exterior space. Adding a French door to join them together is an excellent idea. Later, you can probably turn it into an entertainment spot where you can have fun with friends. Do you love cooking? Turn it into an outdoor kitchen then, where you can dine with guests. There are a lot more possibilities; you have to get creative.

5. Declutter

Decluttering means making room for things that add value to your home. Furniture can eat up too much space. Sometimes they are the culprit why your home looks constantly messy and cluttered all the time. So if there’s any item or furniture with no value, consider donating or giving them away. They are just an object occupying a space in your house anyway.

In choosing furniture, go for the ones that can be useful in the long-term, so you are least likely to discard them. Multifunctional furniture is the best choice for a small apartment. They provide a more livable space while adjusting to your lifestyle. Some of them include a convertible table, folding bed, and bed with cabinets underneath.

Renovating your room gives you a sense of satisfaction, considering that you have carefully evaluated your home decor scheme and furniture. By following our simple tips, you can breathe new life into your house even when you’re on a budget.