It’s no surprise why Forbes tagged 2020 as the Year of the Home and 2021 as the Year of the Yard. Many households have pursued home improvement projects amid the COVID-19 crisis. They have remodeled their house interiors and carried out outdoor landscaping.

This 2022, these home improvement projects will ensue among many homeowners. People will continue to improve their houses in every way possible, whether it’s a complete renovation, partial remodeling, or simple house project. But when doing so, always have the home design in mind.

It’s best to consider the top home trends in the new normal. Consider those designs relevant to the pandemic, appropriate to any crisis, and optimized for the future. That said, here are home design trends to consider during this pandemic:

1. Multi-functional Rooms

Multi-functional rooms apply to residential properties with limited areas. The idea of a multi-purpose room is to make the most of your living spaces. That’s where the minimalist design comes into the picture. But while this design has become increasingly popular in recent years, it has all the more amplified during this pandemic. With people working from home (WFH), children resorting to online education, and entrepreneurs doing business online, having multi-functional spaces can make a world of difference in your house. Hence, consider this home design trend.

2. Home Office or Study Room

As mentioned above, the WFH setup, online learning, and e-commerce business have become apparent during this pandemic. They are changing, shaping, and determining the future of work, education, and business. If your residential property has enough rooms or space, you can specifically have a home office for yourself, a study room for children, or even a stock room for your online business. They can be perfect for a home renovation project, where you and your family can practically benefit from this.

3. Smart Home

smart home

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a buzzword in recent years. Thanks to the internet, the web has allowed physical devices to connect. It has also enabled people to share data and information. But as far as home renovation is concerned, having a smart home can be your best bet. The idea is to invest in home appliances and devices connected to the web for a convenient house setup. These resources can make the whole family’s lives a lot easier, more convenient, and more comfortable.

4. Tech-free Zone

Digital tools and technologies are good, especially during the pandemic. They have helped individuals and families cope with the crisis. But on the other side of the spectrum, they can be detrimental to health and well-being. As such, it’s best to have a tech-free zone in your residential property. First, look for dedicated space for creative pursuits, home workouts, yoga, or meditation. Also, be sure to incorporate the biophilic design for your tech-free zone. For instance, you can install a pyramid skylight for natural lighting, have houseplants around, and integrate nature-inspired home decors.

5. Mini Home Bar

Another great idea is to have a mini-bar in the comfort of your home. At the onset of the pandemic, many individuals and families have found a dedicated space for their home cocktail bar. They have stocked up on alcohol supplies during the pandemic restrictions so that they can chill with their families indoors. But as the pandemic restrictions have gotten lighter, they have invited vaccinated people into their houses for a controlled house party. As such, it’s a good idea to have a mini home bar for your home renovation project.

6. Green Home

In recent years, there has been a call for attaining a green home among homeowners worldwide. The idea is to sustain one’s residential property for the future while reducing its environmental impact. As a concerned homeowner, start making your house as ‘green’ as possible. First, consider reducing waste products, repurposing used items, recycling waste materials, and using organic materials. Also, think about investing in energy-efficient systems, installing solar panels, and pursuing indoor hydroponic planting or outdoor gardening. Ultimately, having a sustainable house can pay off in the long run.

At this point, you now know what home renovation projects to pursue in the new normal. Consider the top home design trends recommended above, from multi-functional space to tech-free zone to a green home. Also, be sure to factor in your personal preferences, household needs, finances, and resources. You can either take the DIY route or hire a home contractor for your house improvement projects. Ultimately, you’ll be able to spruce up your residential property that’s appropriate for the current pandemic and ideal for the future!

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