Everybody loves the feeling of coming home from work. But chores always thwart our excitement. They don’t even leave us during the weekend. In fact, they seem to pile up even more.

Some chores also force us into unhealthy habits, like ordering takeout every day instead of cooking. Thankfully, technology has interfered. We now have devices and appliances that help reduce our never-ending chore list.

If you’re ready to make your life easier, consider splurging on these products:

1. Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums have been around for a long time, but they got more popular during the pandemic. The latest models can be controlled via your smartphone, letting you track the movements of your vacuum without moving away from your seat. As such, they offer better convenience than wireless vacuum cleaners.

However, the suction of robot vacuum cleaners isn’t as strong as Dyson’s and other well-known brands. But they’re good enough at getting rid of everyday crumbs, dust, and debris. They spare you the need to sweep the floors every day.

Some robot vacuums also come with an automatic mop function. Just pour a few cups of water into the reservoir, and the vacuum will mop your floors for you. The suction function will then activate when the floors have been dried. This removes two chores from your list.

But before buying a robot vacuum cleaner, take stock of your home’s design and layout first. Robot vacuums will be impeded by flooring seams, stairs, and sometimes, area rugs. They can be stuck in corners as well. If your home has an open-concept floor plan with barely any corners and other obstructions, then a robot vacuum will work for you with minimal issues.

2. Air Purifier

If your home’s exhaust system isn’t strong enough to get rid of odors from cooking, buy an air purifier. It will filter out impure air particles from your space, including bad odors.

Air purifiers come in different sizes. The smallest ones can only work in single bedrooms. If you want a whole-home air purifier, you have to get a bigger, more expensive model. However, air purifiers won’t remove particles that have rested on the surfaces of your home. Hence, you still have to manually wipe down your kitchen counters and dining table. As for your rugs, carpets, and floors, your robot vacuum will help.

Furthermore, air purifiers may help reduce the allergy symptoms of people with sensitive respiratory systems. It is also believed that an air purifier with HEPA filters can repel viruses, including COVID-19. But when it comes to preventing contagious diseases, washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces are still more effective. An air purifier will only improve your indoor air quality, not completely sterilize it.

3. Irrigation System

To avoid going out in the sun to water your plants, invest in irrigation installation. There are different types of irrigation systems, such as manual, automatic, and drip. What you need depends on the size of your landscape and personal preference. Since you want to reduce your chores, the automatic type is your best choice. It will allow you to turn on your sprinklers remotely. A drip system can also be controlled remotely, but the water will go straight to the plants’ roots rather than its leaves.

4. Robotic Window Cleaner

Window cleaning is arduous, and professional services aren’t cheap. Good thing a robotic window cleaner is now available. But choosing one can be tricky. Different models are made for different types of windows.

Most robot window cleaners have a battery life span of 15 to 30 minutes. So if you live in a glass house, you might need multiple units. The length of the cord also varies. If you’d clean a picture window in a high-ceiling house, your options might be limited.

So buy a robotic window cleaner only if the product can work optimally with what you have. Otherwise, invest in professional services because they might be more cost-efficient in the long run.

5. Smart Oven

If you’re tired of cooking and cleaning up pots and pans afterward, consider splurging on a smart oven. It automatically detects the food you’ve popped in, so it also adjusts to the settings that food requires.

You can also connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi, allowing you to control the smart oven from your phone. Hence, you no longer need alarm clocks to remind you of your food. A notification will pop up, informing you that dinner is ready.

Not all of these gadgets may replace your regular cleaning and cooking supplies, but they still offer major convenience and save you time. And that makes them worth every dollar.

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