We can’t deny how much the hospitality industry suffered in the heat of the pandemic. Many businesses under the hospitality landscape closed down their operations. Others are still struggling to make ends meet after they are left with little-to-no customers.

How the Crisis Changed the Hospitality Industry

Change in Priorities

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted business owners to exercise different changes to ensure the health and safety of customers and their employees. They now implement increased risk-mitigating strategies to give both clients and employees the confidence to trust in their brand. They invested in different innovations like contactless guest experience and improved amenities to entice health-conscious guests.

Shift Towards Sustainability

Other businesses turned to sustainable business measures to attract eco-conscious clients. They know that more consumers want companies to do the right thing by being more environment-friendly. So, they went on improving their processes while keeping the environment in mind.

Local Travel Scene Is Now Thriving

Competition among hospitality businesses has become even more competitive. As companies struggle to win the hearts of consumers, they are left with no choice but to boost their marketing and advertising strategies. But then, many are not simply targeting foreign guests as more brands are now focusing their efforts on local customers.

Consumers fear getting sick while traveling, which makes them rethink their travel options. For those who wish to get out of their home, many choose to stay within the borders. This gives businesses the opportunity to target and cater to travel-conscious clients.

Changes in Hospitality Building Designs

The crisis made people want to social distance while enjoying the company of other people and their companions. This is one reason why more establishments are choosing open floor layouts for their business. The more open space you offer to guests and clients, the easier it is to facilitate social distancing.

The same goes for improve property-wide hygiene. Hotels, restaurants, and other businesses under the hospitality industry are taking property sanitation and disinfection to heart. They are also keeping sanitation in mind whenever they invest in new tools and equipment for the business.

How Hospitality Brands Can Thrive Under the New Normal

Picture of two receptionists at work

There are many things entrepreneurs can do to help their business stay competitive and relevant during the pandemic. This is the perfect opportunity to rethink your business model, update your goals, and make the necessary changes to ensure business continuity and success under the new normal. For starters, it helps to invest in the following strategies.

Boost Brand Awareness Through Mixed Marketing Strategies

These days, businesses in the hospitality sector will thrive better if they invest in online and offline marketing and advertising strategies. It is not enough that you have some followers on different social media pages. It also makes sense to improve website and search engine optimization while giving your offline marketing a boost.

If you require help to make the most out of your promotional products, working with trusted companies like Sharp Promo can be an excellent investment. You want more than just experienced professionals to work on your branding material. Incorporating your online branding strategies with your offline ones can help increase your chances of success.

As for your online marketing strategies, focus on local search engine optimization, social media marketing, and website optimization. Work on building your followers on social media, gain more customer feedback, and increase your website authority. Measure your marketing efforts, spending, and results, and continue being creative with your online engagements.

Embrace Diversity

Nowadays, diversification is a must-do for brands wanting to stay competitive in the new normal. This is especially true if you are not gaining enough revenue to afford your daily business costs. Think of ways you can diversify offers, like targeting new markets and expanding your customer profile.

You can also consider embracing a more diverse workforce. This will help drive creativity within the organization and boost the productivity of your employees. Diversifying your workforce can also help attract more customers since you are welcoming different talents no matter their race, color, or background.

Implement Stricter Health and Security Rules

Your employees deserve a safe place to work. Your customers need and expect you to do your part in keeping them healthy and safe during the pandemic. Make sure you do your part by enhancing your health and security measures.

Use the workplace guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Ensure social distancing, regular disinfection, and sanitation of your facility. Focus on highly-trafficked areas to boost the health and safety of everyone.

There is no easy way to ensure business success under the new normal. But you can do so much more if you are willing to stay competitive. Don’t let the pandemic stop your business from providing quality offers and customer service to your target audiences. Choose to be resilient and find ways to sail through the crisis.