Green thumbs and nature lovers alike enjoy watching their plants thrive. It is both satisfying and rewarding to see your effort in raising your plants to bear fruit. If you have a keen interest in horticulture, then you might also consider getting a job that is heavily involved in it.

There are a lot of career paths and specializations for you to choose from, which can feel overwhelming. Start by thinking about your horticultural interests and look at the related careers that are available. Some possible choices can be flowers, trees, or vegetables.

If you have a broad scope of interests, you might have trouble deciding on a career. Here are some horticulture-related jobs to help you get started.


If you like taking care of trees, an arborist will be your ideal occupation. They handle tree and shrub maintenance activities in cities. While keeping the trees healthy and pest-free, they also make sure that there aren’t any wayward branches near power lines or houses.

Tree maintenance involves various tasks. Pruning is needed to keep a tree neat and remove any dead wood. If a tree becomes a major distraction to city activities or poses a risk, it will need to be removed. To keep this from happening, arborists plan out where to plant trees.

Good physical fitness is required, as you will need to move around a lot. You will also be working under the sun constantly. There are no peak or low seasons. Although, after natural disasters, you might get more requests to remove fallen trees.

Landscape Contractor

If landscape design is more to your liking, consider starting a landscaping business as a contractor or availing a landscaping franchise. Regardless of your choice, you’ll have the opportunity to make urban cities greener, in terms of residential properties or commercial ones.

Commercial properties don’t always have the space available for conventional landscaping. In other cases, the weight that a building can support might be limited. Consider other landscaping alternatives like vertical landscapes and indoor planters to fulfill your client’s wishes.


Taking care of various flower breeds and cultivating new ones is what a floriculturist does. Your career options range from growing and supplying flowers to clients to designing floral arrangements for occasions and interior design.

The cultivating track is concerned with raising flowers for wholesale distribution and working on developing new kinds of flowers. Management is a big part of this occupation. Communication skills are also important to get new clients and to maintain good relations with your current ones.

One of the cultivator’s clients is the floral arranger, who needs various popular flowers regularly. Clients book them to make floral arrangements for various events. You will need the right eye for colors and know the meanings of the different kinds of flowers.


Man farming

Their work is similar to floriculturists, except olericulturists specialize in vegetables. Besides growing vegetables, you will also need to store and process them for wholesale distribution. You can also choose to research more vegetable variants in research institutes and facilities.

If you become interested in one of these occupations, make sure to do more research to find out the needed knowledge and skills. It will increase your chances of being successful in your chosen career while you are pursuing your passion.

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