Grovedale is a residential suburb located in Geelong, Victoria. If you are looking for a quiet, family-friendly place to move into, Grovedale is definitely a great option. Here are some of the things you need to know about Grovedale and the life that awaits you there:

It is gaining popularity

Grovedale has been attracting people from in and out of Geelong for quite some time now, and a lot of them chose to stay for good. There has been a steady growth in demand for properties and land for sale around Grovedale over the past few years. Naturally, there is also a gradual growth in the economic status of the suburb, with businesses flourishing and social services improving to provide opportunities to the growing community.

It is family-friendly

Family-friendliness is one of the strongest charms of this residential suburb. It was in the 70s and 80s when young families started to flock to this humble place. Since then, it has built a reputation as a peaceful and family-friendly residential location, welcoming people from nearby suburbs and towns. At present, it remains popular for its laid-back and welcoming vibe.

It has affordable real estate

affordable real estate

Land and properties are more affordable in Grovedale than in neighbouring Belmont and Highton. There are also a wide variety of properties to choose from. You can find a good number of suitable house options, regardless of your family size, lifestyle needs, and budget. Houses are sold for not more than 700,000 dollars here. There are premium real estates as well, in case you’re thinking about investing in a high-value property in the area. Whether you’re a young family or someone who is looking to downsize, there is a Grovedale property for you.

It has great transportation

The suburb has two train stations with connecting train and local bus services. Due to the efficient public transport and spacious roads, locals enjoy smooth transportation all-day round. There is no traffic jam to worry about on your daily commute.

It has complete amenities

Schools are conveniently located in the residential area of Grovedale. In just a short drive, you’ll be able to bring your kids to school. In addition, there are shopping centres and cinemas for your family to enjoy on weekends. Sports lovers can also find love in this suburb due to the many sporting facilities available. What’s more, the area is sitting right next to the surf coast. There are also libraries and galleries, among other facilities. For an afternoon of unwinding, there are many cafes, bars, and wineries to choose from.

Grovedale has it all—nice and peaceful place, warm and friendly community, excellent amenities, beautiful views, and great opportunities for the family. No wonder a lot of people want to get their own chunk of this wonderful community, and those who already have chosen to stay.

Get your own piece of Grovedale, too, before you run out of house and land to buy. Start by finding properties for sale online. Explore your options, and you can surely find a great house to have a fresh start in this peaceful and promising grove.

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