The pandemic forced people to dip into their savings after they lost their jobs. While it may have been challenging, many of these people were able to recover and find new jobs. Others started businesses after finding opportunities in the market.

After they were able to recover, they should look for good investment opportunities to create passive income for themselves. There are a lot of investment instruments available for them in the market. They range from mutual funds to government bonds and even cryptocurrency.

But before they invest their hard-earned money in these investment options, they should take into account several factors to reduce the risk of losing their savings due to a bad investment.

Available Funds

The first thing investors should do is to check their available finds. They should invest money that they can lose in case their investment turns bad. This is particularly true if they put their money in high-risk, high-return investments. While there’s an opportunity to get a huge amount in these types of investments, the risk of losing their money is also high. So, they should make sure the funds they use for these investments are funds that they won’t lose sleep over if they lose them.

Investors should also look at the minimum amount that they can invest in the different investment options. The minimum amount can be higher than their available funds. In these situations, they should look for other options rather than using the money that they need for their daily expenses.

Risk Tolerance

Aside from the available funds, investors should also consider their tolerance to risks. When they invest in stocks, the value of the shares they bought will fluctuate. It can go up and it can go down. If the value goes up, investors can hold on to those stocks until it reaches the value that they want to sell them in.

But if the value goes down, it will test how much loss they are willing to endure before bailing out and selling the stocks. If their risk tolerance is low, investors should put their money in low-risk stocks.

People who have a high level of risk tolerance are often aggressive investors who are willing to risk their money with the hopes of getting a high return in the future. On the other hand, conservative investors have a lower risk tolerance and prefer to invest in stable stocks to avoid the anxiety of seeing the value of their investments fluctuate.

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Investment Knowledge

Investors should also research the investments they are aiming for. Their knowledge about the different investment instruments plays an important role in their success. Market-based products require research since they are not covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

The unpredictability of the market also makes research necessary so investors will have an idea when to come in or when to let go of their investments. For instance, the rollercoaster ride of bitcoin may have seen a lot of people losing money after they invested late in the game. On the other hand, investors who were knowledgeable about cryptocurrency may have profited from the sudden increase in the value of bitcoin in April 2021.

So, it pays to know more about the investment instruments before an investor puts his money on the line. This knowledge also allows them to know the limits that they can set for their investments. They also get an idea about how they can benefit from the process and make their investments pay off.


The timeline of the investment depends on when an investor will need his money. For instance, if the investor uses money that he does not need immediately, he can put it on a long-term investment vehicle.

In these instances, they may even look into investment instruments that offer higher returns since they can afford to let their money stay in the investment for a long time. They can hold stocks for a period of up to three to five years before they sell them. This may have a good return for them, especially if the company thrives during that time.

On the other hand, if investors want a quick return on their investment, they can consider foreign exchange trading since it is a 24-hour market and they can trade from any part of the world. They can work with a forex broker to allow them to trade different currencies around the world. These financial services companies provide investors with a platform where they can buy and sell different currencies.

Investing is a good way for people to earn passive income, which allows them to earn money even if they are not putting much effort into the investment

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