As a real estate agent, it’s important to court potential clients and make sure that they know you’re the right person for the job. There are a few ways to do this, but one of the most effective is by being proactive and reaching out to them. You can send them an email, call them on the phone, or even meet with them in person.

It’s also important to stay up-to-date on what people are looking for in a home. Keep an eye on industry trends and make sure that your portfolio reflects the latest changes. This way, you’ll be able to show potential clients that you’re knowledgeable about the market and that you’re invested in their success.

However, real estate agents should also look for and try out different strategies that can gain them clients passively, meaning they don’t have to work as hard but the calls continue coming in.

Use Social Media

Many agents are thinking about what they post on Facebook or Instagram, but they don’t think about how their online presence affects their search engine optimization rating. This rating translates into more clientele down the line.

When people Google “real estate” in your area, you want them to find you! Social media allows this by enabling people interested in buying homes to interact with sellers or even other local real estate agents. Create accounts on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram so that potential clients can follow your business’s growth and learn more about the services you provide.

LinkedIn, in particular, is a good resource for lead generation because it’s a site that’s all about professional networking. Here, you can look for potential clients who are looking for a real estate agent to work with them in buying or selling a home.

Join Associations

There are many associations out there led by other real estate agents that give your business more visibility and credibility when it comes to being seen as an authority on the industry. Joining these associations will also help connect you with other professionals in the field, building up your network and making it easier to find people who need your help.

Become a Speaker at a Local Event

speaking at an event

When you become a speaker at local events, such as live meetings or conferences, you have the chance to put yourself out there and establish yourself as others look up to as an authority in the industry. When people see your name pop up on an event schedule, they’ll associate you with home buying.

Utilize Online Tools

There are different sites and apps that can help real estate agents find seller leads, which are people who are looking to sell their homes. These online tools make it easy for users to look up homes in certain locations and reach out directly to the owner of the home, offering their help.

Always keep your online presence high; this ensures that potential clients can’t miss finding you online and will come knocking on your door when they realize you’re exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Don’t Stop Networking

Real estate agents are always talking about how important networking is when it comes to finding new clients and giving referrals. However, some rely too much on word of mouth from their current customers rather than staying active in their field and getting out there more. This means that they will meet more potential clients who need help finding a house or selling one, but these opportunities will come few and far between if they don’t make a habit of going to live events where others can meet them face-to-face.

Create a Free Consultation Event During Your Down Time

Real estate agents who are working with clients on buying or selling a home don’t have as much downtime as those still looking for their first deal, but they can still take this time to reach out to potential new clients. They should use this time between appointments to create an event that allows people in the community interested in making a home purchase or sale come and meet them so that they can learn about their services. This is also great because it gives you more of an opportunity to work on your SEO rating by getting your name out there even more!

All the tips that have been mentioned in this article are just a few ways for real estate agents to get more clients by doing nothing. When you think about it, your downtime is valuable because people are looking for homes at all times of day and night! As long as you’re staying on top of what’s happening in the industry before taking any time off, opportunities will come knocking when least expected.

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