A divorce is always a messy and lengthy process. Colorado law surrounding divorce is extremely complicated. On top of that, the stakes involved in the divorce process are very high when it comes to issues such as settlement and child custody. The only way to make the best out of an unfortunate situation is to hire a good divorce attorney in Colorado Springs. These are some ways that a divorce attorney can help you with your case:

1. Helping you understand the legal process

The legal process surrounding divorce is complicated. A good divorce attorney will explain each step of the process to you. They will also help you through each step by preparing all the documents on time, such as by handling your divorce papers. They will follow the court dates and keep you informed while also handling appeals and following due process. At this emotionally turbulent time, you may find it difficult to take care of all of these issues alone, which is why your divorce attorney will be invaluable.

2. Negotiating child custody and child support

If you have children, a divorce attorney can help you secure their custody or visitation rights. The most difficult part of a divorce arises when neither parent wishes to let go of custody rights. A divorce attorney is aware of local and state laws. They can help you build your case in a way that helps you win custody or hold on to visitation rights. They can also help you arrive at a number for child support payments based on other details such as where you live, how much you earn, and how much your partner earns.

3. Helping you reach a settlement

The divorce attorney can also help you determine an amount for spousal support and alimony. This is one of the most contested parts of any divorce as there are no specific legal guidelines to abide by. This is why it is important to have an attorney who can formulate a good strategy for spousal support and alimony based on all the information available. They can also negotiate this with your spouse’s representative on your behalf.

4. Handling property and other assets

during divorce

The divorce process often requires the divvying up of property and other assets. This is a complex process and needs the legal know-how that an attorney has. The divorce attorney can help you decipher which of your properties should be equally divided and which you can retain. They can also help with locating all your and your spouse’s assets, which may be hard to find.

5. Representing you in court

If all other means of communication, such as mediation and arbitration, fails, your divorce attorney can help you in court by representing you as your lawyer. This is important as they are aware of exactly how to present your case in court. They will be able to maximize your chances of getting a favorable ruling.

All of these reasons make it so important to pick a good, knowledgeable lawyer. This is someone who is not only experienced but who also understands your needs and priorities.

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