Catering services are in demand all year round, whether for a birthday celebration, wedding reception, company anniversary or job promotion, among others. Catering companies help make people’s lives easier, with their wide selection of dishes that can suit the taste of all guests.

With the constant demand for catering services, whether it is for a formal or casual occasion, many entrepreneurs are eyeing starting a business in the industry. However, you have to understand that a catering business entails more than just great food and excellent service for it to grow and succeed.

You should also have a well-managed kitchen, state-of-the-art tools and equipment, and partner firms that ensure immediate repairs of your catering equipment in case of damage. Those who intend to embark in a catering business venture must keep the following things in mind.

Passion for Food

A catering business involves good food and service. Essentially, people who run catering businesses must have some prior knowledge on cooking and preparing dishes. It is not required that owners are also the chefs although it can be a great advantage.

Passion and genuine love for good food is necessary to succeed in this field. You should be excited about getting your hands on great produce and seeing the joy on guests’ faces when their meals are served. It is also a plus to have good ideas about food preparation and presentation.


This is another aspect that you need to consider when planning to start a catering business. You should know the provide great services to your clients. There should be enough utensils, tables and chairs, cooking and food preparation equipment, a big and functional kitchen and more.

In addition, transport services like minivans or sprinter vans are necessary since the business involves the constant movement of food and supplies from the kitchen to the catering venues.


cooking crew

Having the right people will help your business grow and flourish. Manpower and their people skills play a major role in the catering business. Hire people who are not only great at cooking, preparing and presenting delicious dishes, but also know how to please the host and the guests.

When hiring stewards, servers and waiters, make sure that they are service-oriented, have a pleasant personality and look professional. Providing good food and customer service will make clients come back to your business. It will also guarantee more referrals and repeat bookings.


Every business requires the right amount of capital to get started. Catering businesses do not require a huge capital but having a sufficient working budget to carry the business through the first few orders is a realistic approach. Catering businesses also have their highs and lows, so owners should research about the financial implications of having different capital outlay for each contract.


Marketing is necessary for any business and it can be done with the help of your community. Advertising in the local paper and social gatherings is a simple yet effective strategy. Most catering businesses are known by word-of-mouth; hence, seeking client referrals also works wonders.

These are just a few pointers to help you as you start your own catering business. Keep in mind that the business will succeed only if there is passion, hard work, resourcefulness and excellence.


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