There are some ironies in life that can tick you off. Take for example the idea that in order to make money, you need money first. How ironic and frustrating can that be? However, that’s the harsh truth of reality, which could also be applied to selling your house.

If you’re in dire need of huge money and the only way you can get that is to sell your house, then you should consult estate agents in Loughton to get the best deal. But before you do that, you need to do some repairs or remodelling on your home, which will cost you. Fortunately, there are far simpler ways to spruce up your property in time for real estate agents to check it out and determine its value.

1. Apply a fresh coat of paint

Painting your house will immediately make it look new, which will definitely increase its value. Also, this can cover up some cracks and weathered corners of your walls without having to do some heavy remodelling. You might want to choose neutral colours, though, to attract more potential buyers. Experts say neutral hues will better allow them to customise your old house if they want to once they move in.

2. Replace your doorknobs

You’d be surprised to know that changing your doorknobs can actually raise your home’s value. It may be a trivial object, but a lot of homebuyers often look for minute details when checking out properties. And if you can’t upgrade every aspect of your house, then at least change your doorknobs and make sure they’re aesthetically pleasing.

3. Change your light fixtures

Another aspect of your home that you might want to replace is the light fixtures. They’re inexpensive to replace, but they can immediately make your interiors look better. If most of your ceiling lightbulbs are embedded, for instance, you can add a little flair by installing some hanging light fixtures. These are cheap to purchase and install, but they can raise the value of your house in an instant.

4. Spruce up your landscape

home front

You don’t have to install a fountain or build a pool in your yard just to attract more potential buyers who’d agree to a higher price for your house. You can simply clean your yard and trim the grass. Or, add a few plants and you’ll already be able to spruce up the look of your backyard.

5. Upgrade your kitchen appliances

If you can’t upgrade your whole kitchen, start with the appliances first. Check out yard sales near you if they have any kitchen appliances that are still in pristine condition so that you won’t have to spend much. You can also go on Facebook or eBay to look for cheap appliances.

There are so many affordable ways to upgrade the look of your home and in turn, increase its market value and attract more homebuyers. This way, you’ll stand a better chance of selling your house much faster and for a much better price.

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