Starting a home-based business is not only a great way to strike out on your own and lead the kind of life you want, but it’s also an easy stepping stone for small business owners. The ability to work from home when you choose and with whom you choose makes it easy enough that just about anyone can start one up with little effort and overhead.

You don’t need huge financial resources, and in fact, in many cases, you shouldn’t invest much at all to get started with your home-based business idea. With some skills, a bit of elbow grease, and these eight essential items for your home-based business, you can launch successfully without even leaving your house!

woman working from home using a laptop

9 Essential Items For Your Home-Based Business

1. Your Laptop

Whether you plan to go the freelancing route or want to start a service-based business that can be conducted from anywhere, you’ll need a laptop of some kind.

A good durable one with at least 8 GB of RAM will allow you to earn your living from almost anywhere.

2. A Basic Printer With Scanner/Fax Capability

If your home-based business is going to involve anything more than record-keeping for tax purposes and some occasional correspondence, you’re going to have documents.

Whether they come from clients who want services rendered or your own accounting files, those papers are going to need to be shared somehow with other people.

You can use a third-party service like Dropbox, but nothing beats having both the printer and the scanner right at your elbow.

3. A Home Office

While this may not be an essential item for your home-based business, it’s an important one to consider. Setting up a home office yourself is a great way to save money and begin feeling like you’re on the road to success with your own company.

You can buy second-hand furniture or build new pieces that suit both your design taste and budget using Craigslist, Freecycle, and even local bricks and mortar stores for deals on used equipment. If you’re really industrious, you could even get started producing items of your own that can help you outfit that office space in turn!

4. An Envelope Printer

All of those envelopes aren’t just going to stamp themselves! It’s important that your business be professional-looking, and that means addressing envelopes with care.

While you can use a standard printer for this, a dedicated envelope printer will save you time in the long run by not jamming or wasting paper.

5. A Legal Entity

Even if your home-based business is going to have limited liability, it’s critical that you form some kind of legal entity so that you don’t get sued personally when something goes wrong.

You can do this through a lawyer or online, depending on the type of business structure that best fits your needs.

6. A Vehicle

While you’ll need your home office, don’t forget about the vehicle you’ll use to transport goods and people.

You can go for ram trucks that will fulfill all your family and business need at the same time. Check out websites offering ram cars for sale; you will definitely find a good deal.

7. A Business Phone Line

Even if you want to start doing all business calls through Skype or Google Voice, having a separate line just for your home-based enterprise will help keep things clean and professional-looking.

If the idea of having several lines doesn’t appeal to you, consider using one line for all business communications with VoIP service.

8. A Business Checking Account

You probably already have a personal checking account that you use for your monthly expenses and business-related transactions, but it’s even more professional to keep these accounts separate and not commingle the funds.

Start with a small local bank and apply for a business checking account, making sure that all of your receipts and expenses are filed neatly so you can show everything in case of an audit or request from other professionals who want to confirm your costs.

9. An Accountant

Even if you’re just dabbling in your own company, it’s important that you hire an accountant.

You don’t need to go full bore and hire someone for full-time work, but finding an accountant who can come in once a month or every other month to make sure you’re keeping your records straight and filing all the tax forms correctly will save a lot of headache down the road.

Starting a home-based business doesn’t have to be difficult. With these nine essential items, you can get started and be on your way to success without having to pay exorbitant rent or utilities for an office space that may not even suit the needs of your company.