Along with the pandemic came the demand for flexible work situations. And now, almost two years into lockdowns and quarantines, most have fully settled into remote work. Although quite a time has passed, working from home still is not easy. Things like unstable internet connection, blurred lines separating work and home life, and not having the resources you need are the things still being dealt with.

Working from home may be more comfortable and lax than working in the office, but it does not mean that work has actually gotten easier. If not more difficult, employees assigned to work remotely face completely new challenges, so the best thing a business can do is offer support in all forms so that their employees remain in good condition, which will help them continue producing quality work. The following are some suggestions on how you, as an employer, can help your staff feel comfortable, secure, and supported in their new working environment.

Be Empathetic and Compassionate

Everyone is in a fragile state because of the events that transpired the past year. Some people have lost jobs and some, their loved ones. Everyone is having a hard time. That’s why it is important that, as an employer, you show your support to your personnel by being empathetic and compassionate.

By going out of your way to check in, give support, or listen to the challenges your staff face, they will feel appreciated and may even bolster their work productivity. Being empathetic and compassionate also means that you become flexible. Employees can encounter multiple issues when working from home, such as loss of connection, power outages, and equipment malfunctioning. Instead of incessantly probing them about their issue, you can provide support by gently asking them about their situation and offering your help.

Maintain a Flowing Communication

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With all the available communication apps, it’s easy to remain in contact with people these days. Maintaining continuous communication with your team will let you in on how they’re doing during this time. Creating flowing communication means that you message your team regularly, even if that means using mundane talks or silly images to start the conversation. As long as you get the communication running, then the way you do it does not matter.

By taking the initiative to start conversations, you are assuring your team that they can talk to you anytime, especially if they ever run into a problem related to their work or personal lives. Even if it’s not daily, by talking to your team weekly, creating catch up sessions during the last hour of your shift, or even hosting online games to make your visual catch-ups more fun, you will be able to establish a well-founded communication even with your employees working from their respective homes.

Offer Support

Offering programs that support employees aren’t new to the workplace. Programs, particularly those that offer to better the skills of your staff or help them maintain a healthy mind and body, can do so much, especially during this trying time. To give your personnel the support they need, you can provide recreational programs, like availing the services of a yoga business. This way, you can help keep them physically and mentally fit.

Giving them access to short web training courses for digital software and other tools relevant to their jobs and essential to the new normal workplace can also help them hone their skills at home. Creating programs that offer peer support for your personnel will also help them easily face the challenges presented by remote work.

Give Credits

Boosting the morale of your staff is most important during this time. With low spirits because of the numerous challenges the world is facing, it’s easy for your employees to feel down, which can greatly affect their work performance. To boost their mood and help them feel better, commending them for being resilient despite the circumstances, and rewarding their exceptional work will help motivate them to do better.

You can go for simple acts of appreciation, like praising them in the company newsletter, shooting them a message, or giving them gift certificates to stores where they can make convenient purchases online. It doesn’t matter what kind of rewards you give your employees. As long as your gratefulness comes from the heart, your staff will surely appreciate the thought.

People working from home encounter issues that can be hard to fix, so for your team to produce exceptional outputs, it is first important that they feel supported and appreciated. By displaying simple acts of appreciation, commending their work, extending your support, and listening to their problems, you can rest assured that your team is in a good position.


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