Sometimes coming up with bail money can prove to be quite the challenge for many people. Retaining the services of a credible bail bonds company can help you out and keep you from spending the night in jail.

Don’t let me spend the night in jail; please post bail…

Well, that rhyme might be lame, but there’s no denying the truth behind it when dealing with a legal problem. The lasting you want is for you or a loved one to spend a night in jail when picked up for a minor offense. The reliable bail bonds services in Raleigh, NC will readily help post bail if you don’t pose a flight risk. The state of North Carolina allows people who pose no flight risk or no danger to the society a pretrial release.

Securing your freedom

Once the police take you into custody, you have three ways to secure your freedom. The officers might choose to release you without bail after giving you a written notice to appear in court. Or, they might release you from custody after paying an appropriate bond. Lastly, they might choose to keep you in custody awaiting a bail hearing.

State law dictates which options are applicable, dependent on the nature of the crime. Low-level crimes such as petty theft and disorderly conduct will get you written notice. Serious and violent offenses will earn you a night in jail awaiting a bond hearing.

The nature of the crime is the largest determinant of how quickly you can secure your freedom after being booked at the police station. It also determines the amount of money you have to raise. During a bail hearing, the judge has a freehand when setting the bail amount and their word is final.

Raising the bail money

The bail amount varies depending on the crime and range from $500 for a 2nd class misdemeanor to $300,000 for a B1 class felony. If you don’t have the full bail amount, you can turn to a reliable bails bond company and have them help you out.

In North Carolina, the bail bond services charge 15 percent of the total bail amount to post bond for your release. Pay them to this percentage and they will in return post the full amount to the state. Some services offer payment plans for those who can raise the 15 percent outright. Be sure to check with your bail service if they provide such a facility.

Earning your freedom

Guard escorting a man wearing handcuffs

As a criminal defendant, your pretrial release is conditional and requires you to meet a few mandatory requirements. Most of these conditions are similar to those sentenced to probation after being found guilty of a crime. Some of these conditions are set during the bail hearing. The could include checking in with pretrial services officers, who will monitor you to ensure that you haven’t violated any of the conditions.  Cases that come with harassment or stalking often come with a no-contact order. You’d be required to refrain from drugs and alcohol if your case involved a substance abused charge.

It’s imperative that you adhere to the set bail condition, especially after you’ve retained the services of a bail bondsman. Otherwise, you stand the risk of losing your freedom and being shipped back to lock after your bail is canceled or revoked.


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