Every year, parents decide on a school for their children. Some parents are on the lookout for where they could enroll their children for the first time. Some reevaluate if their current school meets the needs of their children.

A school administrator must be aware of the things that parents look for in a school. They must strive to fulfill these criteria. Likewise, parents must also be definite about what they want. Children cannot change schools every time because they will feel uprooted. What, then, makes up a good school? Here are some basic elements.

An Environment That Fosters Learning

A safe and conducive environment is integral to learning. Dirty school premises could be home to viruses. If a student gets sick, they cannot take full advantage of schooltime. Thus, school administrators should get professional services for deep-cleaning the whole school.

A conducive environment also means comfort. Proper ventilation is important for learners to be at ease while absorbing information. A well-thought-of layout for every classroom will help to facilitate learning. Being too cramped or seeing too many visual stimuli can distract the students. Element such as colors, spaces, safety, and design should all fuse to help the student learn.

Well-trained and Empathetic Educators


Teachers are the conduit of knowledge and learning. If the practices and information that they know are not updated, this is what students will get. It is very important to keep educators abreast with the current trends of education. What may work for schools a few years back may not be applicable anymore at present. They must also know what particular methods to apply to a certain group of learners.

Aside from equipping them with knowledge, teachers must also relate well with students. They must understand the strength and weaknesses of each learner. These young minds look up to their teachers as role models. They absorb more than what their educators teach. Thus, administrators must be selective with their roster of employees.

A Vision and Hope for Each Learner

A good school does not only rejoice with the accomplishments of achievers. Instead, it recognizes that each learner has their strengths and weaknesses. They do not give up on students that need more help, either in academics or with personal struggles.

They see each learner as someone who has potentials. A good school strives to bring out these abilities. They celebrate the success of both gifted and struggling students. Learners feel assisted when they are in a good school. They do not feel left behind or hopeless. They feel encouraged and empowered, instead.

Smooth Collaboration Between School and Parents

One of the most beneficial alliances is that between the school and parents. When these two parties work well together, the students reap the benefits. Thus, a good school must extend all efforts to collaborate with parents.

They must be transparent with their plans and goals for the learners. Teachers must update the parents on the progress of their child. A good school should also encourage parents to carry out the latter’s roles. They must produce not only active learners but proactive parents as well.

Powerful Educational Tools

Technology plays a big role in all industries. The education sector is not an exemption to this. Thus, a good school must keep up with new trends in technology that promotes learning. But, they must do so with the intent to equip their learners, not only to go with a fad.

They should also have state-of-the-art facilities. A good example is a comprehensive library to encourage learning beyond the classroom. Exposure to educational tours is another educational tool they can use. Teachers must be on the lookout for tours and places that can enrich the learning experience.

Holistic Development

The goal of a good school is not only to produce a book smart student. Instead, they aim to have holistic learners. They produce skilled students who can thrive outside the educational institution. Students would know how to maximize their abilities when presented with real-life situations.

A good school also encourages the development of emotional intelligence. This includes resilience, grit, and empathy, among many others. Learners will also see their role as citizens in society. A good educational institution teaches equality. As such, they are impartial to race, gender, and faith.

Being in the education industry is a big commitment. Unlike any other industry, profit is not the main goal. Instead, they must put the welfare of their clientele above everything. Students and parents depend on a good school to bring out the potential of each learner. Students must feel empowered so that they can survive in the real world.

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