From the beginning of time, it’s considered an integral value for families to eat meals together. This is especially true for Asian countries wherein close-knit familial relationships are greatly promoted.

In fact, in Singapore, the local government has designated an “Eat With Your Family Day” that falls on every Friday before the start of students’ mid-year break. This is meant to encourage Singaporean families to take the time to sit down and enjoy meals together despite the busy lifestyle that comes with the country’s constant urbanisation.

In line with all these, it’s important that you give considerable attention to the physical conditions of your dining room. Keeping it orderly, ensuring that it’s sanitised, and enhancing its appearance is among the ideal ways to make family members anticipate eating together. Plus, your guests will surely be impressed by your home maintaining skills.

To help you get started, here are several tips that are guaranteed to do the trick.

Spice things up with new furniture

To keep dining affairs from being dull and boring, give the area an updated look by upgrading your furniture set. You may think that this sounds expensive, but by selling your old pieces before buying new ones, you can save on costs.

If you want a dining set that is easier to move around as needed, go for a banquette. A banquette is composed of a table and dining benches instead of separate chairs. There are multiple designs available in the market so you can find one that best suits your taste.

Several examples of benches are modern farmhouse, mid-century A-frame, and rounded or curved. If you want a diner-style banquette, you can opt for a wraparound cushioned bench and a pedestal table. If your aiming for a cosy nook in your Singapore home, position a tulip table with an upholstered dining bench against a wall of windows.

Enliven the space with details

Play up with the aesthetics by incorporating little details that when viewed as a whole, gives off an organised and sophisticatedly put-together appearance.

Some lovely decorative items you may add are a vase of fresh sweet-smelling blooms, basket or bowl of colourful fruits, bamboo or wooden mats, coasters, and candles with intricate holders. You can also upgrade the table cloth by exploring more practical options. For example, instead of linen or cotton, opt for waterproof and oil-proof table mantles so cleaning up after a meal will be a breeze.

Lighting is key

Large green dining room with leather chairs and large windows

Since the early centuries, elaborate lighting fixtures like chandeliers are seen as a symbol of wealth and luxury. Having a chandelier installed is a stylish way to amp up the lighting in your dining space. There’s a wide variety of types to choose from such as glass, crystal, shaded and candle.

If a chandelier is too fancy for your taste, you can make use of natural lighting instead. Position your furniture near the window so it receives a generous amount of sunlight. This works well for furniture sets that are wooden, cushioned, or have light and neutral colours like white, beige, or caramel.

Like other rooms in your house, your dining area is a significant part of your home. Accordingly, it’s indispensable for every homeowner to keep it aesthetically pleasant, organised and clean.