Investing in a beach house can be a lucrative move when done and managed right. You need to ensure that your market timing is right and understand the underlying economics that will affect your ability to rent it out or sell it for a higher price later on. A reputable real estate agent can help you find the best property for your needs and vision and help you buy the beach-front home of your dreams. Here are some tips, ideas, and themes for maximizing a beach-front property through interior design and decor.

Tropical paradise

This may seem like a more obvious choice, but you can’t go wrong with a classic take on an ocean-view property. Capitalizing on the view is one of the best things you can do for a beachfront property. Don’t be fooled by the “tropical” in the name—this look is not about vibrant colors or flamboyant looks; it’s about giving the place an understated but still luxurious earthy and natural touch. Think dark wooden accents, potted plants, and a soft, warm palette. Think of an upscale villa on the shores of the Maldives or a high-end version of a traditional straw hut.

White, open, and airy

Another way you can keep your beach-front property on the classic side is by keeping things simple but stunning through warm white walls and an abundance of glass and lucite furniture. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also a key fixture in the open and airy trend, and it will help highlight the clear blue ocean outside. Keeping the interiors’ color palette simple and understated will help highlight the majestic views through the windows. White marble is also known for beautifully complementing surfaces made of glass, and it also provides a sleek and resort-style atmosphere that evokes peace and serenity.


Another seemingly obvious theme for a beach property is going nautical, but you can take plenty of steps to ensure that you’re not going for the more cliche looks. Consider transforming the interiors by giving it a bright and crisp white paint from the floor to the ceiling. Add punchy textures and layers of sea-faring-inspired decorative elements such as anchor pillows, nautical flags, and old-timey lockers. To make it less obvious and in-your-face, consider foregoing the more obvious patterns like anchors, blue and white stripes, and a sheep wheel, and go for various shades of blue and wood accents.

ocean view apartment

European style

If you want to evoke the feeling of being in a coastal European city like Monaco, consider using a tactile and pared-down atmosphere that smoothly blends the indoors and the outdoors. Choose a bright open space floor plan and organize the space to make the dining and living spaces the center of the apartment. Let the living space flow openly and organically outward onto a cozy terrace overlooking the blue ocean. It will be the perfect place for the occupants to sip some coffee while looking over the boats along the coast and provide an atmosphere of being a massive movie star from the 1940s.

Vintage charm

If you want a sleeker and more elegant approach to the trends of years’ past like modern farmhouse and cottagecore, consider adding some vintage charm and fresh finishes to the property. You can give it a 1950s look by using a bright and clean coat of white paint and trade the kitchen cabinets for open shelving where occupants can display their colorful vintage finds. You can also explore some classically vintage choices like a pressed-metal ceiling to give it a centuries-old look, as well as moldings to your doorways and fireplace.

The materials can also make or break your space, which is why you should explore older-looking pieces like copper gutters. Copper is also known for being antimicrobial, so you can be sure that any gunk that gathers in your gutters will be a lot less harmful and icky. Other furniture pieces and decorative elements you need to consider are tufted sofas, chair rails, antique sconces, vintage doorknobs, canopy beds, vintage cabinetry, picture frame moldings, and antique kitchenware. When it comes to giving the property an old Hollywood glamour and charm, the devil is in the details, so don’t let anything pass by you as you set up your property.

Final Thoughts

A beach home can be an escape for you and your family should something like another pandemic happen again. It can also be a great way for you to diversify your portfolio and earn some additional income. Talk to a reputable agent today to know your options and find the best property for your investment needs.


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