There are a number of ways to make your house look new and refreshing. After all, well-decorated home with a refreshing look is inviting to not only the visitors’ eyes but yours as well.

It has been proven by a lot of studies that a decluttered home with beautiful decorations and designs around the house helps a person to de-stress, stay calm, and be peaceful. But buying new furniture or decorations could be expensive, luckily though, there are decorations that you do not need to buy.

You could just create them and build them on your own. There is also no need to worry about your safety when handling a bunch of tools since there are readily available safety gears offered by safety products manufacturers that you could find in stores or online.

With that help, you could be perfectly guided at the start of your DIY journey. Also, there are a handful of tutorials available on different platforms which means you have a wide variety of options to choose from that would fit the design of your house perfectly.

Here are a few good examples of the best DIY Ideas to decorate around your home:

1. Be creative with your mirrors.


Mirrors could be a great addition in your living room, not only for vain people to check themselves out (or if you are the vain person, no judgment though) but for the vibe of extravagance and lavishness it gives off.

And the lavish vibe of said mirrors would solely be dependent on what your taste is: be it a star mirror made from one spool of jute twine and built with painter’s tape and nails. There are also many places where you could shop for 14-inch mirrors which are the advisable size of the mirror for this particular design.

2. Pick and place your vase.

Flowers around the house, especially in the living room, are always an attention catcher. Flowers of any kind decorated around the house always give off a calm atmosphere around the house, but the vase and where you place them is where it gets crucial.

Try being creative not only with your flower choices but with your vases as well! Do-it-yourself nautical vases are one of the best options to try, and it is also in line with the trends nowadays.

A simple jute rope turns a vase into something extravagant, and it is also created as simple as it looks. Use hot glue on the jute rope then turn it around the vessel for a passable summer look.

3. Transform stylish cabinet trays.

If by any chance, one of your kitchen cabinet doors suddenly decided to give up and fell down out of nowhere, do not throw it away! They could still be useful by turning that cabinet door into a stylish tray.

With a new painting or design on the cabinet door, it could be turned into a cute makeshift cheese tray or dinner tray. But to make this possible, you need to fill with wood filler all the holes in the cabinet door and let it dry.

Sometimes even a simple thing could turn into a beautiful eye-catching thing, and could be placed as a decoration around your house!


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