Are you planning to redesign your office in Singapore? It could be because of expansion, moving to a new building, or renovating your office space. Whatever the case, there are some considerations when it comes to office interior design that you should take note of. Here are some of them.


The type of workspace plays a significant role in the team’s productivity, so this consideration should be on top of your priorities. Some people thrive in a busy environment, while others do well in spaces with fewer distractions. Ensure you provide both an open and a private workspace for your employees.

Floor space

The interior design of your office depends on the size of your floor space. Your interior designer would be able to determine where to place desks, cabinets, and other office tools by measuring the overall area and dividing it accordingly. Ask for multiple designs so you can choose what suits your liking.


When shopping for office tools like desks and chairs, it’s not enough that you buy only to improve the overall appearance of the office. You also have to consider ergonomics. Choose quality equipment with adjustable options to prevent physical ailments such as back pain, eye strain, or carpal tunnel, which hinders productivity.


Office lighting determines the ambience of the workspace. It impacts the productivity of your employees, so make sure your office is well-lit. Ensure that natural light enters your office through windows, skylights, and glass partitions. Scientific studies proved that a lack of natural light affects a person’s mood. Also, cut down on glare that can cause eye strains. Use efficient light bulbs instead.


The colours in your office also provide a dramatic effect on mood and productivity. Choose a colour that adds brightness to your office. Use a soft shade of green for comfort, blue to improve focus, and red to boost productivity. Artworks and photographs on the wall can also boost creativity while improving the appearance of your workplace.


When choosing a carpet, opt for a single colour to give your office a consistent look. Go for deeply textured carpet as it gives your workplace a nice look. For low maintenance carpets, choose nylon fibre materials. Don’t forget to match the carpet with the look of your walls and furniture.


administration and file management

Declutter your office, place stacks of files and various office supplies in proper storage. Clean office space boosts productivity and impresses clients. Plan with your office interior designer how you should organise to avoid a mess. You can use a storage wall, desk pedestals, or filing cabinets to make your office clutter-free.


Branding has now become more important for businesses than ever. It’s what sets you apart from other companies, and it’s how your audience perceives you. Make sure your interior design reflects your brand. This can make your employees closer together, enabling them to work harmoniously in the office.

Keep all these interior design considerations in mind when you redesign your office in Singapore. This will not only make your workplace aesthetic, but it will also make your employees more comfortable at their second home. This will boost productivity and efficiency in the office in return.


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