The elderly population is often seen as fragile and expendable, which is why they’re often disregarded as an integral part of society. However, seniors are actually protected from discrimination, among other things, under certain laws. They also have the right to various benefits that shall help them in this stage of their lives. After all, they are the pillars that allowed our society to stand where it is today.

If you are unaware of these rights, this article will help you out.

Understanding the Rights of the Elderly

Legal assistance is not a privilege for the working class only. To be able for a country to provide equal opportunities and support to every individual, certain laws must be made to ensure that everyone gets what they need. When it comes to the elderly, here are the rights that the country provides them with.

Health Care

Probably the most important one among all the rights of the elderly is health care. As we grow old, we tend to develop certain illnesses that make it difficult for us to go about our daily lives. That’s why the government ensures that anyone over the age of 60 is provided with services that aim to assist or support old people. Additionally, seniors may also hire an elder care attorney to guarantee that anything they need with regard to medical assistance is provided to them.


grandpa and granddaughter

When you reach the age where the inevitability of death is as real as it gets, you may start to wonder what will happen to everything that you own. Of course, you want it to go to the people whom you know will appreciate it or take care of it. After all, these are the things you worked so hard to acquire. That’s why older adults also have the right to property. This means that you have full control of all that you own and what happens to them. Nobody else could make the decision for you unless you become incapacitated and you have appointed someone to make the decisions for you.

Freedom from Discrimination

Should you feel that you are still strong enough to work and you want to, no company or business establishment could reject your application or employment based solely on your age. Furthermore, any form of insult or maltreatment is grounds for legal prosecution. No person shall be discriminated against just because of his/her age. This means that if anyone mistreats you or puts you at a disadvantage against another person because of your age, this can be seen as inequality, and you can file for a case.

Freedom from Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

Now that we’ve mentioned it, older adults also have the right to freedom from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. As we grow old, we tend to lose the ability to protect ourselves from harm inflicted upon us by other people. Because of this vulnerability, other people may use it to their advantage. However, the law guarantees that you are protected from these things. Furthermore, your family could be liable under certain laws if they fail to provide you with support or assistance when you can’t take care of yourself anymore.

Material Assistance

Aside from government services, you also have the right to material assistance. This means that you are eligible to acquire monthly supplementary financial support to pay for housing, medication, and whatever purpose you can use it for. This guarantees that those who are unable to work anymore can still live a comfortable life even in old age. The government’s financial support is particularly intended to assist older adults who have no other means of earning money and/or are living independently.


Older people are also provided with the right to maintenance. This means that all of their basic needs shall be, under any means necessary and possible, accessible to them. Food, shelter, and water are some of the most common things that the government tries to provide to the elderly. Anyone who denies the elderly access to these necessities on the ground of the person’s age provided that they have the means to pay or acquire these services shall be subject to prosecution.

As we grow old, we just want to enjoy the remaining years of our lives and live comfortably. However, some of us may have failed to prepare for this part of the future. That’s why the government and the law ensure that various programs and benefits are in place to accommodate the needs of the elderly. Equality is not always about giving the same treatment to any person but also ensuring that the system works in such a way that anyone who may be at a disadvantage has an equal opportunity to access his/her basic needs.


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