If you own a bed-and-breakfast business, you’ll most likely notice that it attracts a wide variety of people. Nowadays, market segmentation is increasingly overlapping, and most companies need to cater to one target segment. While it can be difficult, requiring more effort, it also opens up more revenue opportunities.

Bed-and-breakfasts that do well invest in many aspects of their business. For one, they want to ensure they provide the best for their guests. Suppose you want to build your bed-and-breakfast. You must focus on the exterior and, most importantly, the interior. Traditional upholstery services for your furniture, paint jobs, and interior design improvement, among many other aesthetic improvements, can make your property stand out. But it’s also best to serve different kinds of people and know how to attract them.

In this blog post, you’ll learn some pointers on who you’re most likely to have as tenants and how to attract more of them through your marketing efforts.

Travelers for Work and Business

They’re not too rare to see, and you’ve most likely served them before: business travelers are the type not to visit a location for the sights but work only. They might occasionally try to see the local scenery. Still, their primary focus is what kind of cafes or restaurants they can use for business purposes. Typically, their schedule is full of meetings, and the moment they come back to their room, they’d much rather rest and relax than socialize.

  • How to Attract More Business Travelers

Include the local office-style cafes or coworking spaces nearby your place in your marketing materials. Telling your potential customers they have somewhere to work is critical in attracting these individuals. You can also show how your property has office-friendly amenities. That way, they won’t have to travel again to have somewhere to work.

You can also take advantage of local conferences in your area. When you know when conferences are happening, you can offer sales and discounts to attract business travelers. Sell a package that provides either an extended stay or discounted rates for longer stays around business convention dates, and you’re sure to see an increase in business activity.

Young Professionals No More: Millennials

Recent travel statistics have shown that millennials prefer shorter holidays or vacations since they work more than the average. Studies have shown that Millennials and gen Zs have the worst work-life balance ratio, resulting in shorter breaks being a popular thing.

Millennials are looking for fun and unique vacation ideas that will allow them to enjoy new things. They’d much rather experience something new and exciting rather than play it safe. They’re also the ones who’ll most likely extend a business trip to turn it into a leisure trip at the end.

  • How to Attract More Millennials

The number one thing that many rental owners fail to market is the place when it comes to millennials. You might be selling your property, but to them, they’re just looking for a place to stay- it’s the location that they’re after. So make sure to include the sights and spots near your property so they would be more enticed.

You can do this by posting pictures of your beautiful property and photos of nearby tourist attractions. They’ll appreciate it more if you provide information on how long it takes to get from your hotel to said location. Including popular events, festivals, or conventions helps a lot as well. Ensure that your website or the listing has mobile-compatible features and photos, as most millennials use their smartphones to search for rentals.

The Full Package: Traveling Families
family readying for a trip

Even the oldest gen Zs are starting their own families nowadays, so it makes sense to accommodate family groups. Older millennials now have teenagers, and the children of younger millennials are now in their toddler age. Recent statistics have found out that the percentage of millennials traveling with their family is increasing, making it a significant market. You might have to take in tenants such as these, so it’s best to be able to attend to them too.

  • How to Attract More Families

The important thing here is to offer something to everyone. Collate a list of family-friendly services, connect with them, and include them in your packages. Children are an essential part of the equation, so always have something to know which family-friendly establishments are nearby. Hence, the parents have an easier time with their traveling experience, and they’ll thank you for it. You can also provide in-room activities, like board games, video games, and fun books to keep the children occupied.

The more customers you can serve, the larger your potential income opportunities. Ensure not to neglect the different market segments, so you have more chances of success.