You have plenty of ideas to consider when starting a business. In this case, you can choose a firm that sells products or offers services. This post focuses on service provision and the different types involved. If you plan to start a business and have not yet decided on it, you can gain many ideas from this article.

Types of Business Services to Offer

Some business firms choose to outsource some of their functions from other providers. Given this point, it is an excellent idea to consider as a business starter. You can consider any of these business services types as long as you have the skills to perform them. In this case, check more details below and think about which one of them matches the skills you have at the moment:

1. Consultancy Services

This type of service provides expert advice to other business entities for a fee. Meanwhile, this type may involve one member or even up to thousands of employees. This business can provide guidance that may cover various domains based on expertise. For instance, they can focus on management, finances, and many more.

2. Training Services

Some institutions offer this service to those who aim to train their employees. A few business owners choose to outsource this function from external agencies. In this case, these agencies train the members with soft skills and other requisites that the company requires, improving operations.

3. Marketing Services

This function is vital in any business. It is the way they can reach their target market. Meanwhile, some firms seek help from agencies that can share excellent marketing strategies to expand their market reach. For instance, you are selling a health food franchise. In this case, an agency will create a game plan that will encourage clients to purchase your franchise.


4. Software Services

This service type has been in demand nowadays due to the increasing demand for technology. Most firms choose to invest in various software apps and tech tools to enhance business operations. Given this point, it is an excellent opportunity to take if you have the skills. You can gain many clients as soon as you build trust and loyalty.

5. Travel Services

Travel services are now starting to get back on their feet even the pandemic is still around. People love to travel and reach different destinations all over the state and outside the country. In this case, many travel agencies come out everywhere to assist clients for their chosen place. It can include travel schedules, groupings, and accommodations.

6. Security Services

This kind of service involves trained people who will secure the business. They will be in charge of ensuring safety inside and outside the firm’s premises. Meanwhile, the government and banking sectors are the most common areas requiring security services.

7. Event Planning Services

Event planners are highly in demand on various occasions, whether private or public. Some examples in need of planners are parties, weddings, corporate functions, and fundraising events. In general, the purpose of seeking help from event planning service providers is to ensure the event’s success and smooth run until the end.

8. Legal Services

All business firms need the help of a legal expert to guide them in all aspects that have something to do with the law. Besides, a business cannot operate if it misses any of these legal requirements. Legal teams can offer guidance, advice, and expertise to a company.

9. Delivery Services

One of the best examples that use this service is online stores. They need this service to send their products to their clients. Aside from that, e-commerce has grown even more after the pandemic has hit. More and more people shifted to online shopping, increasing the need for delivery services.

10. Real Estate Services

The real estate industry keeps up with its operations. Many people still aim to have a house they fully own or other property. For this reason, it opens an opportunity for those in this field to provide assistance to people who want to invest in real estate properties.

These business service types are only a few ideas you can choose to provide to other firms. However, it is best to pursue a service type that you have expertise in, providing excellent work. Aside from that, you can work with a colleague to make the business function better. It is best to have someone you can brainstorm with ideas that will benefit the firm.

The bottom line here is that a business doesn’t always mean to sell products. You can provide services that other firms may outsource.