Security and safety at the workplace are vital. A building security program should cover all the possible security and safety threats. When renting a building to start or expand your business, ensure all the critical security features are in place. That will give you a great place to start your initiative of improving security.

Invest in protecting your workplace, all the assets, and people there. Security and safety measures are essential even when your business is small. There is a multitude of choices to pick from when it comes to safety and security. Here are some options that are worth considering:

1. Limit Access

The simplest way of ensuring security is regulating access. You should make it difficult for intruders to access your office. Distribute a limited number of keys to your employees. That will limit the number of people who have direct access to the office at all times. Distribute even lesser keys to areas that have valuables or sensitive information. You should think about installing an access control system.

It’s the best way to ensure only authorized people are getting in and out of the workplace. Most companies are using such systems to secure buildings and offices. You might think that your small business is not prone to attacks, but statistics paint a different picture. Most criminals target small businesses. So improving your security will limit the chances of such attacks ever happening. Every time an employee leaves the company, ensure you collect their keys or change locks and security passwords.

2. CCTV System

Install a CCTV system on your business premises. A CCTV system will have several benefits. You will be able to catch trespassers and intruders on video.  The videos can also be used to identify criminals who may be trying to gain entrance into your building. You will also be able to identify suspicious behaviors quickly. The cameras can also deter suspicious characters.

Most people with ill intentions will avoid buildings with CCTV cameras. So ensure they are strategically placed to scare these people away. The cameras will also help you identify weak points in your current security system. Your employers will feel much safer at the workplace when they see such things being implemented. The other major advantage of these cameras is collecting evidence. If your business is prone to accidents, CCTV cameras will be able to capture such incidences. These videos will help determine employee compensations and get insurance covers.

office cctv

3. Implement Safety and Security Measures from the Start

Your safety and security plan should start when you begin operations. That means hiring qualified employees and security personnel. You should also consider installing a reliable elevator smoke containment system. It will help in containing smoke in case of a fire at the office. Such measures should be taken early before your business starts being operational. But you can still do it now if you had not earlier. You should consider the place you want to start your business. If the crime rates are very high, you and your employees will not be very safe. But if you are determined to set up your business there, ensure you have a security plan.

Before you buy a commercial building or pay rent, inspect all the security features. While inspecting, keep in mind your specific business safety needs. If your business is prone to fire accidents, smoke detectors and elevator smoke containment should be available. If you are prone to break-ins, the building should offer tight security. You should start your security plans from the beginning and advance from there.

4. Regular Employee Training

Comprehensive employee training is a must. Your workers should know, understand and abide by all the security measures you put in place. You should have clear guidelines provided on these training sessions. Ensure the workers are up to date with the security measures in the workplace. If you install an access control system, you have to teach them the effective way of using it.

Regular training will ensure your employees know how to carry out safety and security procedures appropriately. Safety training can be done after a few months or a year or when something has happened that needs to be urgently addressed. This training will result in fewer incidents and accidents at the workplace. You should even consider having a task force dedicated to security and safety matters at the office. They can be your boots on the ground and ensure all the protocols are being observed.

Safety and security at the business place should not be left to chance. You have to protect everyone against the threats you can see and those you can’t. Things like fire and break-ins happen without notice. You need to be prepared and alert at all times.