Lockdowns across the globe have eased. Some societies are going about their business as usual. And yet, we all know that is not the case. Families are hungry. Parents lost their jobs. Some kids cannot go to school. Investors aren’t pouring money into industries. The only thing that’s allowing economies to survive is small businesses. Yes, quite literally, we are standing on the backs of small businesses.

Thankfully, a lot of businesses are still thriving up to this day. The food manufacturing business is still doing fine. This means that suppliers and maintenance partners like food-processing floor coatings can still depend on their clients. Video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu will, of course, continue to dominate their markets, mostly because many people retreated to their homes to prevent going out too much.

So, what kind of businesses are thriving during this time? If you are to enter any market today, what should it be? Should you think about venturing into these markets?

Cleaning Services

Should it come as a surprise that professional cleaning services are big in the market right now? With the coronavirus outbreak, there is a need to sanitize offices, homes, restaurants, and every dwelling you can think of. Since the start of the outbreak, professional cleaning and sanitizing services have been making a lot of money.

A lot of clients are counting on these cleaning service companies to keep them safe from the coronavirus. Many of these businesses claim that they started hiring more workers because the demand is too much. This demand has never happened before in this industry.

Delivery Services

Back in March, the state government advised people not to leave their houses unless necessary. Authorities imposed curfews even on big cities like New York. People were only going out for essential needs such as medicines, groceries, and work. In many states, the government even suspended work. This is when delivery services found an opportunity to grow their business. They make sure that goods will arrive in your homes and businesses.

It’s not just the big businesses that saw a rise in demands for delivery. Even small companies have to partner with local riders and delivery services to bring goods and items to businesses and households. Some delivery service businesses said they are hiring more people because the demand is still increasing.

Drive-in Movie Theaters

Also seeing a resurgence are the drive-in movie theaters. Although these were popular back in the 1950s and 1960s, they lost their sparkle after the introduction of the standard movie theaters. But because the traditional movie theaters are less safe and many are now closed, people naturally gravitate toward drive-in movie theaters.

Reports said that drive-in movie theaters in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and California all saw an increase in moviegoers. Families make drive-in theaters an excuse to get out of the house. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors without putting yourself and your family in danger.

Grocery Stores

With the government advising people to stay indoors as much as they can, more are now stocking up on goods and eating at home. Forget about dining out. Yes, they still dine out, but many are also apprehensive of staying outdoors that much. Check yourself. If you dine out three times a week before, you should cut it down to once a week or once every two weeks now.

The National Grocers Association said that grocery stores “are being restocked at unprecedented speeds.” People are panic-buying and hoarding items they think they will need in case there’s a lockdown again. They are making sure their shelves are full so that they don’t need to go out frequently to get supplies.

What are the bestsellers? The association said that groceries are stocking up on hand sanitizer, toilet paper, chicken, and pizza. These are the staple food of people in lockdown.

workingGardening Supplies

Home gardening is now more popular than ever. People began growing their own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and plants. It’s part-sustainability and part-mental health. People cannot go out to stores that frequently because it is unsafe. They also cannot depend on the supplies because some grocers tend to hoard items. It is easier to be a green thumb when you have plenty of time in your hand.

Gardening is great for your mental health, too. If you’ve been feeling anxious and depressed because of the health crisis, try your hand in gardening. Studies said that gardening is great for one’s mental health. It reduces stress, improves mood, and reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

There are many more businesses that continue to thrive during the pandemic. Health supplies, furniture, buy-and-sell, tutoring, and fitness equipment companies are also succeeding during this time. Although the world is far from being normal, knowing that some businesses are still thriving will give you the hope that you need to survive this period. Maybe one of these days, you’ll even find a business opportunity you can succeed in.

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