Believe it or not, leisure sports like golf can get things done. Many people look into it as a mere hobby and pastime. Still, many politicians and businessmen alike get their work done in golf courses. President Donald Trump, for example, used golf as a way to develop foreign relationships. But what is the relationship between golfing and getting things done?

Well, many elements in the sport that makes it the perfect sport to do business. From it being a social sport to the impressions you can make while on the course, there are many reasons why many businessmen mix business with golfing on the course.

Social Sport

When compared to other sports, golf is as physically demanding. Yes, there are still physical aspects of golfing that can make you fit, but the many parts of the sport do not require a lot from you. That’s why it’s the best sport for older people. It’s also the reason why it’s the best sport to do business in.

Golf has a lot of downtimes when compared to other sports. This means there is a lot of waiting. Everyone playing the sport isn’t going to be swinging the entire time they are in the course. Some will be waiting for other players to catch up, and that can take some time. This is an excellent time to talk about business and foster relationships with clients.

Talking about business proposals, reminding them about deals, and generally talking about the state of the market can all be done while waiting in a course. Although you might not get the deal done right there and then, there are chances that your client will remember what you’ve talked about while playing the sport.

The Leisure of the Clubhouse

Let’s be honest, golf clubs aren’t designed like any other sports center. It looks like a place for leisure more than anything else. There are restaurants, cafes, and waiters going around, handing over drinks and snacks to golfers. It’s also quieter when compared to other sport centers. There aren’t loud cheers or people shouting over one another. All of this makes it the perfect place to do meetings and get things done while also enjoying the sport itself.



Golf is such a homely sport that clients and fellow businessmen can develop impressions by merely playing. This doesn’t mean that you should be good at playing golf to strike a business deal; it just means the way you act in the course will create impressions with the client and other businessmen. How you dress, what time you arrive, and how you talk while playing the sport can determine how they will interact with you in the future. This connection is essential for every business opportunity.

A Moment to Remember

Not many businessmen would remember every meeting they have in a week. But they will surely remember what unfolded on the golf course. This is why various businessmen try to pitch deals with potential clients while playing golf. If the client remembers it, then the more chances that they will think about it. This can also help you improve the current relationships you might have with the client.

Meetings can be tedious, and clients are most likely to forget about it, but a time with them on the golf course can truly be a moment that they will remember.


One great thing about golf as a sport is that there are easy to obtain souvenirs from anywhere around the course. Various businessmen who share the same organizations may swap golf clubs or even give each other caps. Others may give out free golf and poker chip markers to promote the brand of their company. Some might provide each other golf balls or handkerchiefs. These souvenirs can help develop relationships with potential clients and other businessmen. It can also help create a positive impression among other businessmen in the club, which can eventually help your brand in the long run.

Aside from impressions, souvenirs, and golf being a social sport, the idea of it being used for leisure by many businessmen makes it already a great opportunity to do business. It has more freedom than an office space, and it’s livelier than a business meeting. It is a new and exciting way to do business with others. That’s the primary connection why business gets done on a golf course.