Browsing through house and land packages in Donnybrook and other parts of VIC is the first step towards realising the dream of owning a home. The best part of building your dream house from the ground up is that you can customise it to meet your specific needs. It increases your options unlike when you buy one that’s already built. However, the process of transforming the idea of your dream home into reality takes a considerable amount of effort and resources. Therefore, it’s best that you get it right from the get-go.

Pick the best possible lot

Picking the wrong lot can deal a crippling blow to your well-laid plans of building a house. Unfortunately, some new homeowners come to this realisation when it’s too late. In most cases, they get tricked by the low asking prices on a vacant lot.

Before you start with the building process, you need to prepare the site to ensure that your home sits on a firm foundation. That entails clearing, grading, and excavating the lot. Buying a problematic lot saddles you with a mountain of unexpected costs.

The shape, terrain, size, and orientation of the lots, as well as the type of soil on it, are some of the crucial factors to consider. Buying a plot with an unstable subsoil structure forces you to put up a costly engineered foundation. You might also incur a massive site preparation bill, which can interfere with your home building budget.

Ge the right floor layout

man working on floor layout

On average, you may spend about $1,000 per square foot. Therefore, you need to ensure that every inch of the house is not only crafted to perfection, but is also usable. Otherwise, you are unlikely to get the best return on investment or end up with a home that you dislike.

Using your current home as a base model can help you pick a floor layout that complements your lifestyle. Note what you love, like, and hate about your current living space while noting the rooms where you spend the most time. Use this information to draft a sketch of what your perfect home should look like.

That said, you should also be careful with the room placement since they could affect the overall homeowning joy. Don’t make the mistake of having the bedrooms next to the living room. Otherwise, TV noises might make it hard for you to enjoy your sleep.

Be realistic with the budget

Setting a realistic homeowning budget is the key to translating the floor plan successfully into a full-fledged house. It lets you breeze through the entire project without running into crippling headwinds. Running out of funds while you’re half-way through the construction process can lead you to incur severe losses.

Having enough money makes the difference between using quality building material on the house and being forced to cut corners. While inferior materials get the job done, they have a short lifespan, saddling you with expensive repairs. The last thing you want is to incur unnecessary repair charges while the house is still relatively new and you’re cash-strapped.

Building your home from the ground up lets you create a customer living space. However, you need to proceed carefully to get the best result and escape unnecessary repair costs.

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