Summer has just ended, but it does not mean that you have to say your farewell just yet. Our favorite season of heat only comes by per quarter every year, so it is completely normal to miss it right away. Great news: you can easily mimic the summer bliss of your beach trip by transforming your bathroom into your tropical haven.

After an exhausting day at work, sometimes all that makes sense is to have that long, good bath you have been craving all day. All stress and worries go down the drain as soon as you lie down on your tub with soothing music playing in the background and a glass of wine in one hand. You can upgrade such a relaxing experience by adding tropical touches to your bathroom. Make your bath like a quick trip to an island resort with these five bathroom design elements and ideas.

1. Indoor Plants

The succulents trend happened for all the best reasons. It is an affordable way to achieve a tropical aesthetic without scraping off your entire bathroom. Putting several plants on your bathroom floor and the ceiling is a good idea, especially if your space is large enough. For a space-saving option, you can go for little succulents and arrange them on a shelf attached to a wall.

Aside from its visual appeal, having indoor plants is proven to have health benefits. They work like a natural air purifier that cleans the air of harmful toxins and pollutants. A study of NASA shows that having houseplants is an effective way to eliminate up to 87 percent of air toxins within 24 hours. Moreover, research has shown that houseplants increase concentration and productivity by up to 15 percent by boosting your mood and reducing stress.

You can start by trying some of the most popular indoor plants, such as bamboo, aloe vera, orchids, and spider plant. If you want a more beginner-friendly plant, you can opt for succulents that do not require much to maintain.

2. The Right Color Palette

If you like to go with total island vibes, the best way to mimic the real thing is to use muted monochromatic hues such as the color family of white, beige, and taupe. These light color combinations are easy on the eyes, and placing the right indoor plants as your accents can pull off a beach-like getaway. For a darker taste in color schemes, shades of gray with a touch of brown hues are the way to go.

3. Walls and Floor


If you are going for a drastic bathroom renovation, consider incorporating stones into your floor or your walls. They do not have to cover up your bathroom entirely; a single wall behind a mirror can do the trick. There are also plenty of stone-designed tiles that would look good as well. You can even go with tropical and geometric designed tiles.

However, if you feel like you do not want to scrape your walls and tiles just yet, a good way to restore tired-looking floors and walls is to seek a tile and grout cleaning professional. This way, your bathroom tiles will transform back to its original condition and look brand new.

4. Fixtures and Accessories

The little details matter as they add value to the overall aura of the room. Freestanding bathtubs placed in the middle of the room exude a luxurious feel. This is best complemented with a waterfall bath tap and a rain shower head for the wet room.

Also, the best way to complete the tropical feel of your bathroom is to use woven rattan baskets and organizers for your trash bin and toiletries holder. Plus, these wicker baskets are an eco-friendly choice as compared to usual plastic containers.

5. Light Source

The key to pulling off a tropical look is making sure you have access to a lot of natural lighting. If huge windows are not possible due to the position of the house, having large mirrors is the next best thing. It would not generate light, but the difference lies in making your bathroom look bigger and brighter.

You could also have your bathroom installed with pendant lights. This lighting fixture adds dimension to your ceiling while also adding to the aesthetics of your bathroom. If you lack access to natural light in the night, a good alternative is using dramatic yellow lights that would instantly set a relaxing mood to your room.

With these ideas, you are sure to experience an island getaway every time you relax in your bathroom.