Regardless if you’re a start-up or an industry veteran, you won’t be able to survive for long in today’s economic landscape if you don’t invest in your online presence. You might’ve stood more chance pre-pandemic, but now that the new normal is in full swing, the game has completely changed.

It’s on the internet that people will likely find you, connect with you, and make their purchases. Gone are the days of driving around town and walking inside malls to shop. If you don’t show up in their search results, it might be over for your business.

So how do you give your online presence a much-needed boost? The good news is that it’s not as complex as you might imagine. By focusing on the right things and partnering with the best specialists, you’ll enjoy the surge in traffic and sales that you deserve.

Make It Mobile Friendly

As a rule of thumb, if you can’t do it on your phone, it doesn’t work. Consumers do most of their shopping on their smartphones simply because it’s more convenient. If they find that your website isn’t optimized for mobile usage and it takes forever to navigate it, they won’t hesitate to look for an alternative. Probably one with an app they can download.

Partner with a web design expert that can transform your website to suit this specific need. Depending on its current state, your website may need a complete overhaul so that it’s not jarring to either look at or use on smartphones. Offering this level of convenience will make your brand more enticing to existing and potential customers.

Improve Your Content Marketing

Search engines have algorithms, and without a cohesive SEO strategy in place, it’s unlikely that your target audience will find you. The fastest and most efficient way to enjoy its benefits is to hire a specialist. You can bring one to work in-house, or you can employ a company with SEO services.

What you’ll get is high-quality content with strategically inserted keywords that will make it easier for people to locate you on the web. The better your keywords and the more organic your content sounds, the better the results will be.

Furthermore, this is a great avenue to share your brand’s voice, values, and purpose through your landing pages. Once you have an extensive archive of SEO-optimized content, you’ll have an efficient marketing tool doing the work for your 24/7.

Invest in Your Brand Purpose


What makes certain brands stand out? It’s simple: they have a purpose, and their customers relate to it. Two businesses can be selling the same high-quality products and experience a significant difference in sales simply because of their story and how they add value to society.

What’s your brand purpose? Is it to make athletic footwear more accessible to everyone? Are you promoting the creativity of children or the wonders of minimalism? If you’re not entirely sure what yours is, then you need to schedule an emergency meeting. Your business cannot proceed and thrive without a purpose because it prevents you from making meaningful and lasting connections with consumers.

Mind Your Review

An impressive content and brand purpose don’t always suffice to build credibility. This is where customer reviews prove crucial since they’re basically the equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing. Brands usually get reviews on their social media page, personal blogs, and even websites. It’s important that you monitor what is being said about your business and highlight the good ones that improve how people view you.

What about the negative reviews, though? As long as you know how to handle them, they shouldn’t be a big cause of worry. Every business will receive not-so-pleasant reviews now and then from dissatisfied customers. Create a plan on how to address this, and don’t sweat a less than stellar performance. The presence of these reviews actually helps in a way since they prove that you’re a legitimate business.

Consumers are always wary of brands that only get 5-star ratings everywhere they look because they’re that good or a scammer. More importantly, negative reviews give you an opportunity to show your customers that you’re reliable. A polite, cohesive, and solution-focused response is enough to quench the ill effects of any bad review.

Your online presence will determine your business’s success in the new normal. Whether in time, money, or effort, whatever investments you make are worthwhile if they’re strategically enforced to boost your performance. Who knows? Committing to these changes now might find your business at a higher altitude by this time next year.