COVID-19 has been tough on the tourism industry. The indefinite border closures meant a shortage in tourists visiting various destinations, dive spots included. But now that restrictions are loosening in multiple areas, it is time to take advantage of this renewed opportunity to drive tourists to diving destinations.

With the range of activities they can do elsewhere, it can seem difficult to convince people to try out diving. After all, diving requires practice and some preparation before people are allowed to go out in the open water.

However, it is important to keep paying attention to what sets your dive business apart from other tourism businesses and other fellow dive businesses. These help you devise the smartest ways to promote your business to eager tourists.

Here are our best tips to help you promote your diving business today.

Rethink How You Sell Your Products and Services

In an increasingly competitive landscape, you need creative ways to put your business in customers’ minds and keep it there.

  1. Make your website easily navigable

The online space is where most potential customers make contact with your business. Make sure it makes an excellent first impression. From the basics of its design, layout, and readability, build a website that is straightforward but current.

Do not fuss too much about making it look fancy. Visitors appreciate simplicity over flashy design choices. A simple website quickly lets them access pages and information they need, which encourages them to learn more about your business.

Have a visible “Book Now” button that lets customers reserve dive training sessions, dive tours, and other offerings you may have online. With that button enticing them with every scroll and click, you can better translate curiosity to sales.

  1. Have upscale offerings

The diving industry has developed a niche market of invested individuals. That does not mean you do not have to reach beyond and capture more audiences.

Affluent consumers are willing to pay more to guarantee a luxurious experience with high-quality equipment and services. Begin by broadening your range of diving equipment to include high-end brands. For instance, having a luxury men’s watch store along with particular upscale dive gear that ranges from necessities such as suits and fins to optional items such as torches and gear bags can give your store’s reputation a push.

Still, a good variety of products for rent and sale allows you to cater to all kinds of consumers.

  1. Offer promos and discounts

Since many tourists are looking for a good bargain as they start exploring places to go vacationing in, they offer exclusive promos to target them. One way to encourage them to book ahead of time is to offer website- or social media-exclusive discounts. Offer promo codes or sale prices that they can only access if they visit your pages. You can also bundle experiences with gear they would need to rent and offer them lower prices.

Remember that customers love the feeling of getting things for a lower price. They also enjoy getting freebies. Use these habits to generate more sales.

Market Experiences to Your Customers

Help consumers picture their activities in your dive destination. Sell an experience that gets people excited about supporting your business.

  1. Have informative content on your pages

Many do not bother to try out diving because they do not know much about it. It is time to change that. The internet offers so many ways to spread the word about diving and show people that it is more accessible than it seems.

Share trivia about diving on your website and social media pages to make it friendlier to beginners and interested parties. Have blog posts about safe diving techniques and practices, too, so that the public is informed about these.

  1. Emphasize the social aspect of diving

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented people from going on group vacation trips. Invite them to make these group events a reality by focusing on the community aspect of diving.

Diving is not a solitary activity.Buddies and companions are essential to make sure that dives are safe for everyone. Show your customers that diving is a great and unique way to bond with family and friends.

Go the extra mile by encouraging customers to share their experiences online with a hashtag that promotes both your business and the enjoyment of diving with other people. When people post their experiences, make sure to share them on your social media pages, too.

To bolster your diving business in a reopening world, believe in the uniqueness of your market and leverage it.


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