Studies show that home improvement projects and DIY activities saw a surge since the COVID-19 crisis and that these projects will continue to see an uptick in the long term. Homeowners have the right idea; after all, we live in a time when we spend the majority of our days and hours within the four walls of our houses, and at a time when the world is grappling with an infectious disease, there is no better place to invest in than our homes.

If you’re thinking of investing in a few home upgrades, here are some things you will never regret spending a bit more on.

Natural light

There’s a reason why natural light is one of the most sought-after features in the real estate industry: Access to a lot of natural light can make any home look better, it’s good for the occupants’ health, it increases the value of any residential property, and it saves you a ton on electricity.

If your house is on the darker side, consider doing a hard renovation to have one of the walls torn down and converted into a big window or, if possible, a floor-to-ceiling one. If that’s not possible for now, consider having the trees and bushes outside your home trimmed to let more natural light in.

Ditch the blackout drapes for more light, sheer, and airy ones. Another way to do this is through vaulted ceilings since this feature can enhance the feeling of openness and airiness in your home. They also add a gorgeous dimension to any common area. However you choose to do it, you and your family will benefit so much from letting more natural light into your house.

Reliable heating and generators

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In February 2021, Texas suffered from intermittent power outages due to various factors, including extreme cold. This crisis sparked a renewed interest for people to have home generators installed since these portable generators come in handy anytime there is an electrical outage. They work to keep essentials running like the stove, refrigerators, and a few lights.

A generator can also keep your home at a comfortable temperature, whether the power outage happens in the summer or winter, and help you save money. It’s also convenient in times of medical emergencies since it can help power medical devices and oxygen if ill people are in your home. And last but not least, generators can help provide you with peace of mind knowing that you and your family are always prepared in case of a blackout.

Double vanity

If you and your partner wake up and get ready at the same time, then you must know the feeling of having to race to the sink to ensure that you get to brush your teeth first. Or even the frustrating feeling of having to squeeze into one tiny space to brush your teeth or wash your face at the same time. A double vanity will solve this problem immediately. While it won’t solve all of your problems, it will address at least one.

The best part is that a double vanity is far from the most expensive thing you have to spend on with regard to your bathroom. It’s a win-win for your relationship and your wallet!

Additions that provide entertainment

When we think of home improvements, we often think of function, utility, and practicality. But nowadays, anything that can provide you and your family with wonderful memories during the pandemic is a worthy investment to make. Here are some examples:

  • Some fun activities to do in your yard like a trampoline, a water slide in your swimming pool, a dog park for your pets, a playground or jungle gym, tents for camping, a barbecue station for dinner under the stars, and many others
  • Home movie theater for family movie nights
  • Game room where you can play board games and video games
  • A cozy and intimate nook where you and your kids can cuddle and read together

When it comes to investing in your home to make it a place of fun and excitement, the possibilities are endless. Look at your family and pin down your interests, traditions, and what makes you tick, and find ways to upgrade your home so that you can have a place that’s solely dedicated to entertainment.

The Bottom Line

Experts say that COVID-19 is here to stay in some capacity, whether it becomes an endemic or the world gains herd immunity—the former is more likely, though. With the right upgrades, our homes can be our safe place from this disease. It’s one investment that’s worth making in the time of COVID-19.


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