For young professionals, living alone is a sign of success and financial independence. However, it can come at the disadvantage of safety and security risks. Women are especially more vulnerable. If walking alone at night can already harm them, how much more will living alone affect their well-being?

Senior adults who age in place are drawing concern, too. As much as their independence empowers them, their risks also increase as they age further. So how can people living alone ensure their safety and security if dangers constantly plague their daily lives?

Technology will help. Below are the best home technologies for people who live alone:

1. Self-monitoring or Professional-monitoring Security Cameras

Most security cameras today are connected to our smartphones, providing live footage. They’re called self-monitoring security cameras. They allow you to check your place remotely, such as when you’re at work. But if that isn’t enough to ease your worries, consider a professional-monitoring type.

As its name suggests, trained personnel can monitor your home 24/7 and immediately respond if a security breach arises. Their services may be essential if you keep valuables in your home, like cash or inventory for your small business. They can be helpful for seniors living alone as well since chances are they’d require outside help if a burglar breaks into their home.

2. Peel-and-stick Security Devices

If you’re a renter, your landlord probably won’t allow you to install a security system. But for your own peace of mind, ask if you can at least install a peel-and-stick security device. It can be easily removed, so they won’t leave any damage on the property when your lease ends.

3. Smart Video Doorbell

The last thing you want is an unexpected visitor, even in the daytime. Thankfully, a smart video doorbell can help you identify your guests before you open the door. If it’s a stranger claiming to deliver a package, you can talk to them through the device; your voice will be transmitted to the doorbell’s speakers outside.

You can also connect a smart video doorbell to your smartphone. If someone comes and you’re away, your phone will send a notification. You may then talk to your guest through the doorbell. Furthermore, the doorbell can sense motion, so if someone comes but doesn’t ring it, you’d still be alerted.

home doorbell and smart lock

4. Automatic Pet Feeder

If you got a pet for a companion, you no longer have to hire a pet nanny to have them fed while you’re away. Just get an automatic pet feeder. You can adjust its settings from your smartphone so that the device would automatically dispense food or medicine at certain times. It’s also equipped with a camera, allowing you to check on your pet now and then.

5. Safety Apps

There are different safety apps, but they essentially possess the same function: to let your loved ones check in on you. For example, you can add your activities on the app, like a date or an out-of-town trip. You can also upload photos and include other details about your activities.

Safety apps let your loved ones stay updated about your life. Just in case you went out of reach or missing, your loved ones can use the app to find out your last location or activity. While you wouldn’t ever hope to use the safety app for such a purpose, it’s better to be prepared than be utterly helpless in the face of danger.

6. Medical Alert Devices

Even if you’re not yet a senior adult, a medical alert device can be beneficial for you. It would come in handy if you slipped and fell and you couldn’t call 911 fast enough.

7. Fire Safety Devices

Smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and other forms of fire safety devices are a must for you. Choose one that can alert you through your phone so that if your home catches fire while you’re away, you can call for help immediately.

8. Smart Home System

If budget permits, equip your entire abode with innovative smart home solutions. It includes all the devices mentioned above. In addition, it makes your lights, electronics, appliances, and door locks controllable via your smartphone or voice command. It also makes an excellent security tech because you can check if your doors and windows have been locked from your bed.

If you left something open, you can close and lock them from your phone. If you need to check if someone has broken in, open the security camera app on your phone. But you may not even need to because the motion sensors and alarms included in the smart home system will alert you anyway if they detect someone.

Thanks to technology, living alone has become much safer and secure. Liberty and independence no longer have to be risky, and your loved ones can rest assured that you’d always be okay.


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