Those who go for a Clark, Pampanga lot for sale are usually those who have gotten tired of the weight of city life and just want to go for the quiet. After all, it’s one of the most serene places anyone can go to live. That’s because the former military base remains zoned for primary residences and cordoned off businesses. That doesn’t mean, however, that it doesn’t have anything to offer in terms of entertainment or adventure.

Here are the biggest adventures that you can have in Clark today:


Within Clark, itself is OMNI Aviation. This flying school is run and operated by a former Philippine Airlines pilot and is touted to be one of the best in the country. They even have their runway for their training flights. They offer amazing tours of the nearby Mt. Pinatubo and are available for charter flights if you prefer travelling by light airplane. That’s even home to the Clark ultralight club operated by expats if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. They offer classes and even a free hour’s flight to whet your appetite.


If you enjoy a little bit of gaming, then Clark has that for you too. Your potential Clark, Pampanga lot for sale is so close to Fontana Water Park. While the main draw of the Park is its comfy villas and huge water park with many modern attractions and amenities, the park hides a secret. There is a full-service casino located on the premises. Apart from the expected tables and slot machines, there are many other ways to enjoy and relax with other players. The food served there is also top notch.


Pampanga is considered the culinary capital of the country. This has led to the impression that all Pampanguenos are excellent cooks—most are! That being said, there are many options for culinary adventures. Within Clark, you can find Mimosa—another leisure park. The restaurant there offers some of the best barbeque and grilled foods that you can enjoy with a great selection of international wines and beers. If you prefer more local fare, you have to venture out to Angeles City—wherein Clark is located. Many local eateries have cropped up that offer everything from great pizza to local delicacies.


Man jogging in a park

One of the things you immediately notice about Clark is that it features a veritable spider web of mostly empty roads. There are a lot of grassy open spaces and even bicycle lanes. All of this adds up to many potential avenues for fitness. You’re free to run and jog or even bike around the base. You can even perform exercises on many of its open grounds and fields. After all that, you can readily relax in the natural environs that the place has to offer.

If you want city convenience without the hectic crowdedness of the city, you should go for Clark. It’s quiet and peaceful, yet still offers much to enjoy and experience. These are just a few of the very best. There is so much more to discover.


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