Employees’ desires in the workplace have evolved over the years, making it difficult for companies to keep up. When employers fail to meet their changing demands, some people will take it as a cue to leave their corporate day job and pursue entrepreneurship. If you fall to this demographic and have always longed for a career that offers pure enjoyment and total independence, perhaps it’s time to be your boss and start your own business. Here are seven low-cost business opportunities you can invest in if you’re in New Zealand:

Mobile Food Truck

In the next five years, the food truck industry has a projected revenue growth at a rate of 3.7%. Whether you are a chef or a foodie who loves exploring culinary creations, a mobile food truck is a great business idea. For one, a food truck requires a relatively lower initial investment and operation costs compared to a full-service restaurant.

What’s more, because you’re not bound in one location, you can transfer your business where the customers are. Stay in central business districts or hunt down hungry customers during big festivals—your choice. And since food trucks for sale in New Zealand are fully customizable, you have the freedom to tailor your solutions to suit your current market’s needs.

Vending Machine

Vending machines are a good source of passive income, but they also offer low-risk investment opportunities for people who want to quit their day jobs. Even without special skills or training, you can easily venture into this business, which offers excellent profit margins. All you need is enough money, the right location and placement, and the right products to succeed in this business.

Water Refill Station

Like vending machines, water refill stations are growing in popularity in New Zealand, thanks to their low involvement, low start-up costs, flexibility, and potential growth. You can either create a physical location where households can purchase clean water or install vending machines where thirsty passers-by can get their refill.


Any voracious reader would love the idea of setting up a bookstand. If you want to monetize your love for reading, you can sell the books you’ve finished reading for others to enjoy. If you have enough capital, you can consider setting up a café in a busy city to serve as a nook where bookworms can get their coffee fix while devouring your preloved books.


Gaming Bar

New Zealanders love sports. Every time there’s a game of rugby, cricket, or netball, you’ll see sports fans gathered at pubs and bars downing drinks while cheering for their favorite teams. You can capitalize on this fact by starting a gaming bar and serving drinks to thirsty sports fans.

Child Care Centre

Child care centers are big business in New Zealand. If working with the little ones is your second nature, then you’ll have no trouble running a daycare center. You can either buy an existing child care business or start from scratch. The former option has lower risks, lower capital investment. It gives you an opportunity to build on an already successful model, so it’s ideal for people who are afraid of failure and uncertainty.

The idea of being your own boss is appealing, but be sure to carefully consider if leaving behind a steady paycheck in favor of an uncertain venture is worth all the risk and effort. If you’re a wise investor, you’ll want to start with the low-risk investments we mentioned above.


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