According to sales statistics, over 50% of buyers choose to buy from vendors that reach out to them first. However, over 42% of sales representatives claim that prospecting leads are the most challenging stage in a sales process—leaving many reps postponing it for more “important” tasks such as closing a deal.

However, if you don’t have a sales pipeline filled with quality leads, no new purchases will be made, making it vital for you to get prospects interested in your offers.

You can be selling anything from insurance plans, plumbing services to plywood suppliers. Still, no matter the niche, getting prospects nowadays is now getting more challenging since consumers are becoming more cautious in what they’re purchasing.

However, it’s not impossible. Here are five techniques to consider to kick things off with buyers—helping you gain more prospects and profit.

Focus on the ‘Right’ Leads

Before you go and make your pitch, you’ll need to know who precisely you’re targeting. When you determine who the right leads are for your brand, from there, you should be able to see what their challenges are and how you can align your pitch and offers to their issues. Focusing on a specific demographic helps you achieve better conversion rates, deals, and customer lifetime value.

Sell Yourself

After choosing the right leads, you need to sell ‘yourself’ first before you advertise your products or services. After all, if whoever you’re selling doesn’t like you in the first place, chances are they’re not willing to listen to you. That’s why ensure you know how to present yourself well and embody the salesperson you’d personally buy something from.

Sell the Dream

Investors conceptIt’s no secret that everyone you’re selling to will be interested in your offers, but expect that they will always be interested in themselves. That’s why it’s best to create a vision of what they can get once they buy your product or services to pique their interest and actually listen to your pitch. Think about famous slogans from massive enterprises such as McDonald’s “You’ll love it” and Nike’s “Just do it.”

Incorporate this technique into your practice, and you’ll be garnering more attention and repeat customers in no time.

Be Biased

Forcing yourself to sound ‘credible’ and not biased about your services and products can do more harm than good. After all, your job is trying to get them to buy your product and services, so stop pretending. When you believe your product or service is the best, you have higher chances of convincing prospects since showing excitement and sharing your perspective of the offers means you’re sharing your opinion and commitment to that opinion. Customers are more likely to trust that since it means you’re authentic and not merely impartial.

End Your Pitches with an ‘Action’

When ending your sales pitch, rather than saying something generic such as, “I’ll follow up with you next time,” do something that will leave a lasting impression. A great way you can do this is by challenging them. For instance, say, “Are you going to confine your team’s talents due to bad communication? This is your chance to change things, so don’t wait!”

If you’re looking for a less aggressive ending, you can say, “Over 10,000 companies have decided to invest in quality software to boost their operations. Are you ready to join them?”

Prospecting can be challenging since you’ll be forming a relationship with someone who’s never heard of your brand. But following the techniques mentioned can help you bring your prospect list—and business to new heights.

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